… you are with your dream partner.

He is someone with whom there is mutual love and respect. He is caring and loving, confident without being arrogant, masculine enough that you can be feminine and you have a lot of fun together. You support each other as you both pursue your family and career goals – you are a team. He has energy/excitement, has a positive outlook, and is spiritual. Your dream partner is relatively settled in his career and, if you desire, is ready to focus on creating a family with you. You feel joyful, adored, cared for, loved, excited, and passionate when you are with your partner!

Do you wonder what it is holding you back from the relationship of your dreams? Is it you, or your ‘exes’? Your childhood? The universe? Or all of the above?

5 Keys to Finding ‘The One’

These 5 steps have been created to provide a well-rounded and holistic journey. These are not necessary in sequential order; rather they build on each other to create a strong inner/outer foundation for attracting loving, healthy relationships.

Step 1: Become A Love Magnet

In order to attract love, you must be love. The way you love yourself, is how others will love you.

The first place to start is with loving and accepting yourself. Align yourself with a healthy mindset, lifestyle and habits that nurtures your mind, body and soul and honors your unique essence. Remember, you are you first true soulmate. Also, notice areas in your life where you may be resisting, or rejecting, love that’s already flowing to you.

Love is an art, and you first need to master it is with yourself.


  • Become deeply connected with yourself
  • Practice self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, approval
  • Let go of self-critical and judging thoughts
  • Learn to receive love with an open heart
  • Be around activities and people that make you happy
    • What is our natural state? It is to be joyful, compassionate, free, and filled with loving-kindness


Step 2: Heal Your Heart & Close Your ‘Ex Files’

If you are single or in a troubled relationship, more than likely, you still haven’t fully closed your ‘Ex Files’.

The heart is a special organ and energy center – it stores all of our past memories, feelings and emotions. There may be a protective wall around it, saying “I don’t trust you. I don’t need you. Stay away!” Your heart may be guarded, or blocked – afraid of being vulnerable again.

Once your heart is healed, you will feel an irresistible sense of happiness and freedom from within. An open heart has the ability to magnetically draw people to you.


  • Release your emotional baggage
  • Receive physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual nourishment
  • Find meaning, forgiveness and release with exes, parents and others whom you loved, yet who may have hurt you in the past. Heal your anger and sadness from the past.
  • Learn what you needed to from your past relationships
  • Restore your faith, love and trust for men
  • Practice heart-healing and heart-opening exercises (e.g. yoga, loving-kindness meditation, practicing gratitude, nonprofit work)


Step 3: Discover Your Wow Factor

Each of us is unique, beautiful and gifted.  We are each worthy of love, and our life partner will love us for who we are, deep inside. When you align with your true essence – your “wow factor” & and vision for your life, and restore your feminine/masculine balance, you will become ‘turned on’ by yourself and your life… this is when others are ‘turned on’ by you! This step may also involve sexual healing, and restoring your feminine sensuality and desire for love, relationships, life and creativity.

“When the feminine wakes up, it wakes up to self love, creation, giving birth and to pleasure. It wakes up to heaven.” – Giovanni Cavalieri


  • Live your purpose, passion, and inspiration
  • Align with your values, and find others who resonate
  • Explore your creativity and pleasure
  • Create a compelling vision for your life
  • Heal any shame or sexual blocks from your past


Step 4: Prepare for Love

Begin aligning with your dream relationship. How would you live your life, with your partner in it? Do you have time and mental, emotional, physical space for him/her? Cultivate healthy relationship skills, such as empathy, compassion, deep-listening, kindness, etc. Learn how to to communicate your truth with courage and wisdom – don’t suppress your feelings and needs.

A healthy relationship thrives in a nourishing environment of respect, trust, safety and love. When you have this foundation, you will attract a partner who desires the same!


  • Learn key relationship and communication skills
  • Adopt beautiful relationship habits that nurture yourself and those around you
  • Leverage Fengshui principles to invite love into your life (emotional, physical, energetic, mental, etc.)
  • Create balance your life – and space for a loving partnership
  • Date yourself
  • Declare your desires to the universe!


Step 5: Date & Love with Confidence

Dating can feel daunting and confusing. After going through the above steps, you will feel more grounded, confident and magnetic.

Follow a proven process for dating. Remember, dating and relationships are about mindset and skills… and some strategy. Also, be open to being vulnerable again.

Think about how you excelled in your career! You invested time and resources, deliberated on the right roles, took chances, were open to rejection… doesn’t your love life deserve the same?


  • Generate a healthy dating mindset. Learn how to deal with your fears, anxiety and other difficult emotions
  • Take consistent action everyday! Love is for warriors – people who don’t give up easily
  • Create a foundation of trust, respect, consideration on, and between, each date
  • See each date as a step in the right direction. Maybe there is something you can learn
  • Observe patterns – the types of men you are dating, what happens during and between dates. Get support!
  • Learn to let go of relationships that don’t serve – forgive men
  • Date based on resonance and values
  • Don’t feel the need to ‘give it all away’ early on. You don’t need to have sex immediately, in order to ‘secure a relationship’.
  • Change your routine – do new things where you meet new people – such as joining a faith-based group, meditation community, a charitable organization
  • Master online dating – follow a proven process. Online dating is unpredictable with so much flakiness – a good process will help you wade through
  • Meet potential partners through inspired connections – friends, communities

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