As a woman, you have the power to create, and sustain life, through your body. Wow.

Why do I start here?

Self-love starts with self-acceptance, and understanding and honoring yourself, and your body. Knowing, implicitly, as a woman, the sacredness of your body, is key. When you respect your body, healthy and soul – others will do the same.

Till now, you may have hurt yourself in so many ways, giving away your sexuality, and hiding, or even repressing, your sensuality. You may have been hurt or traumatized, sexually. Even when someone simply verbally abused you, your sexual chakra was impacted. Or, perhaps you may have used sex as power, or as a way to create connection with a man… and this has also left pain.

These wounds impact your ability to attract a healthy, loving relationship.

 The Sexual Chakra

The Sacral (or Sexual) Chakra is positioned just underneath your belly button at the last bone of your spinal cord. It is related to creativity, emotions and your sexual energy/organs.

When your Sexual Chakra is balanced, you will find that you have balance in all areas associated with your emotions, your sexual drive and relationships and your creativity will be flowing freely.

Your ability to attract, and manifest, is stronger. We attract people & opportunities to us (almost like pheromones!), through our vibrations and aura – especially through our Sexual Chakra.

The Sexual Chakra energizes the sex organs, uterus, bladder and knees. For a woman it is her womb space, ovaries, vagina (basically your whole yoni), kidneys, urine track and lower back, and for a man it is his penis, testicles, kidneys, urine track and lower back.

A blocked Sexual Chakra can lead a person to be emotionally unbalanced, manipulative, obsessed with sex, scared of sex, lacking in energy, enthusiasm and self-worth.

Moreover, on a physical level, women may start contracting illnesses and disease in the sexual organs. Symptoms include:

  • Bladder troubles, UTI, kidney stones
  • Menstrual troubles, severe PMS
  • Miscarriage, Impotency
  • Addictions, co-dependent behavior
  • Bed wetting
  • Knee pain
  • Fibroids, ovarian cysts and other
  • Inability to access emotions – or being drawn into emotional roller coasters
  • Not feeling sensual or ‘alive’


As you can see, a blocked Sexual Chakra can impact many things – the type of relationship you attract, how you use your creativity, your reproductive health – and basically, your ability to manifest what you want in life – and realize your full, loving, radiant potential.

Self-Diagnosis – How Blocked Is Your Sexual Chakra?

Ask yourself these simple statements and see what comes up (a yes, no, or maybe):

  1. I have healthy, non-codependent relationships
  2. I tap into my creativity regularly
  3. I have a healthy sex life (even if I’m single, I know how to provide myself sexual pleasure and touch in a sensual, loving way)
  4. I know what I want and how I’m going to get it
  5. I handle my emotions well and anything life throws at me
  6. I enjoy sensual pleasures in my life guilt-free!
  7. My sexual organs, urinary tract and lower back feel fine and healthy
  8. I embrace my sexuality and sensuality

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Reasons for a blocked sexual chakra


  1. As a child, you were shamed about your sexuality. In many cases, the first look a father gives to a female child is, “Oh no! She’s a girl.” And there’s fear that arises, around her sexuality. This fearful look gets encoded, as the first sign of disapproval. Moreover, in our culture, we don’t talk about sex, and so when you do become sexually active (or aware of your sexuality), there is implicit shame. Moreover, when a girl discovers her breasts are growing, or is getting her period, she develops ‘self-consciousness’. There is a moment, usually in our pre-teens, when our life force and sexuality become split (when, essentially, they are one and the same).


  1. You were hurt in past relationships. When we develop relationships (especially sexual ones), we create energetic chords with the other partner. If a person has hurt us, or we still feel resentful (or even if we still love and feel connected with an ex), then we continue to carry around that ‘toxic’ connection with them. We carry memories of the past in our womb. (This can be true with all the energy centers). In the same way, we may acquire this pain from our parents/ancestors – either directly, or empathetically.



  1. You have suppressed your sensual, creative side. Whether it’s through school, career, or meeting society’s expectations – you may have chosen your intellectual side, over your feminine, intuitive and creative side.


  1. You have stifled your feelings. Dealing with emotions, and going through catharsis, are core skills that many of us don’t have. After something traumatic, like a breakup, death, or an act of violence, if we don’t go through a catharsis, and emotional release, the feelings get suppressed in the body. This leads to emotional ‘volcanic eruptions’, anxiety attacks or breakdowns!


  1. You have deep insecurity and shame around your gender and sexuality. Women carry shame in different ways:
    1. Having a ‘whore’ complex – feeling embarrassed for wanting or having ‘too much’ sex; or for feeling sexy. Or even, using sex as power, for keeping people seduced
    2. Fear of vulnerability – as a woman, you may have a deep-seated fear of being violated or taken advantage of. Moreover, given the amount of sexual violence in the world, and in our own ancestry, most women hold some level of sub-conscious grief and fear around being sexually violated
    3. Not feeling like one’s ever ‘enough’ – as a mother, wife, daughter, employee, you name it. Most women want it all, but feel like they’re failing in every part of their lives
    4. Feeling a need to ‘please’ a man in bed, in order to keep him connected and wanting more
    5. Embarrassment about one’s body, sexual organs, menstruation. Most women are secretly disgusted by their body – their vagina, and think that menstruation is ‘unhealthy’. Even doctors/gynecologists avoid directly ‘looking’ at a woman’s body – and the whole process is clinical!
    6. Feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about one’s desire to have a family, or yearn for a loving partnership – even though that’s a woman’s natural orientation.

Due to the above reasons, you may feel a lack of trust and safety in your life – and make it difficult to feel safe and trusted with someone else.

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