You’ve gone on a date with a man that you’re excited about. The date was sweet, romantic. He’s followed up with you everyday since.

Suddenly, date #2 is coming up and he didn’t text you that day. What if this isn’t real? What if he flakes like the other guys? What if the date goes sour?

Anxiety and panic takes over. 

What do you do in that moment? 

Look, most of us Type A women hate uncertainty. It’s like kryptonite for us.

And yet, uncertainty is part of love (and life!). No one can guarantee you anything, even if you ‘do the right things’ (as our careers have trained us).

How do you turn this around quickly?

A reframe you can use is “It’s not uncertainty, rather, it’s a mystery.”

You see, mystery is what makes life interesting, and worth living. And that’s what love is. 

The minute you focus on what you can control (your own thoughts, actions and words), and leave the rest to the universe, then you can actually begin to savor the moment for what it is. A beautiful date with a lovely man. And trust that if he’s the right guy, it will be revealed over time (like months) through his actions. 

But you’ve got to do your part in healing your own neediness, anxiety and panic.

A woman who loves herself and is brimming with confidence is a magnet for high value men.

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