Your thoughts create your reality. I’m sure you know that! But did you also know that you can also leave it up to the Divine to help create your reality? Did you know that there are ways to step your ego aside, and let the Divine do her work through the magnificence of you? 

I call it “creating the conditions for love to manifest in your life”. When you do the inner work of creating healthy love, then you can simply allow the universe to work her magic, and open up your mind and heart to new possibilities.

I want to share some inspiring ‘mantras’ or affirmations that I found in this book I love, “Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead” by Tosha Silver. Print these out and keep them near your desk or bed!

14 Mantras for Transformation

1. When you need to find work:

Dear Divine, you know all my talents and abilities, even ones that are hidden from me. You know my financial needs as well. I now call you into my work life, knowing that the right work and career is already selected. I’ll be shown the right actions to take at the right time.


2. To be open to love and relationships:

The perfect partner is already selected. He or she is arriving in the right way at the right time. I am so grateful to receive him or her.


3. When you’re beating yourself up:

Change me Divine Beloved into one who knows my own value and worthiness. Let me see myself as you see me.


4. When something isn’t happening as fast as your mind thinks it should:

My life is unfolding in Divine timing. All delays are beneficial. I’m always at the right place at the right time.


5. When you’re giving a lot and don’t feel worthy of receiving from others:

Change me Divine Beloved into one who can easily receive. Let me feel deserving of the help and love of others. Inundate me with a sense of worthiness.


6. When you’re stressed about travel:


Let every aspect of this trip unfold in harmony. May Divine order arrange and handle every detail . The right flights, lodging, and all else are already selected and I’ll be guided easily. I’ll follow the leads as they are shown.


7. When you know you wish to be of service:

Wherever I can be a force of love, please guide me. Take me wherever you wish me to go. Let me do your bidding.


8. When you’re struggling with a relationship:

This entire union now belongs to the Divine. It’s in your hands completely and I’m open to a miracle of completion. All unfolds in the perfect way for the good of all. I needn’t fear letting go; my needs are always abundantly met.


9. When you’re deciding whether to go somewhere or do something:

Please show me if You wish me to go. If you do, please bring a sign, and a miracle that shows Your Divine Will in this matter and gives clear direction. And if for some reason I’m about to head the wrong way, please STOP me!


10. When you’re dealing with creative blocks:

I ask that if I can be service and this be Your will, then the perfect chances to pulverize these blocks will come once and for all.


11. When you’re struggling to find anything from the right home to the right parking spot:

I am now being guided to the right home (or parking spot) at the right time. It’s already handled and the proper steps will be shown.


12. When you’re unclear about what’s next:

My perfect new path is already selected and will arrive at the right time. I’ll be shown the steps to receive it.


13. When you have fears of aging or loss:

I am one with the unlimited Divine, beyond all seeming restrictions of age. My whole being is filled with joy, energy and beauty, and is a vessel for the Universal Shakti. I reside in oneness with this Divine joy.


14: When you’re completely overwhelmed by ANYTHING at all:

Divine beloved, Change me into one who knows how the HELL to do this! Open me to all your help and assistance, work through me, oh Great Spirit. Let me be a calm, tranquil vessel for your love.


You can see how versions of these mantras can be adapted for an infinite number of topics and repeated over time.


They open the way for the unimpeded Divine to enter with a plan far beyond the manipulations and machinations of the ego.


You open to every form of possibility, expansion and delight!



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