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How I went from a broken heart… to finding my dream relationship in 90 days.

Dear one,

If you are here, then I know in my heart that you are ready to attract true, lasting love with a fresh new perspective.

Perhaps you may be feeling…

  • Exhausted from feeling unhappy, especially from sleepless nights of anxiety and stress
  • Stuck and frustrated with your painful dating patterns
  • Tired of your self-doubt
  • Confused about why you’re still single, and what you’re doing wrong; and sick of relying on luck and traditional dating tactics

Several years ago, I was in your shoes.

My last heartbreak was the final straw for me to search even deeper on how to attract a true partnership – one that was nourishing and authentic to me – a love that would stand the test of time. I was done settling!

I needed to heal my own painful relationship story, truly learn to love myself and embrace new empowered dating skills to find love in the real world. I am grateful to now be married to my dream man, and we share a blissful partnership.

In the video, I share my story of transformation.

I want the same for you. 


Are you ready to shake things up in your love life and stop settling for less?

The key to succeeding in anything is:

  1. Setting your intentions, and being clear about your vision
  2. Making a strong, unbreakable commitment to reach your goals (Telling the universe that you’re ready!)
  3. Taking concrete action

This is true with all endeavors, including love, career, or personal growth.

You deserve to be with a partner that you not only love, but someone with whom you feel a deep connection on every level – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. Someone who cherishes and adores you, with whom you feel safe. Someone with whom you can share a life of passion and purpose!

With my programs and offerings, it is my vision that you will not only adopt a positive mindset and let go of things that are holding you back… you will become a magnet for love wherever you go.

How I can Support

love and relationship coaching

1:1 Coaching

Private Coaching for smart, professional women ready to leap to the next level of fulfillment – finding true love.

attract love now

Online Course

Sacred Soulmate System Online Course is specifically created for smart, successful women who desire to experience deep fulfillment in their love life and relationships – and find the soul-level partnership of their dreams!

love and relationship events


If you’re interested in love, you won’t want to miss these events.

What Women Have to Say…

I started with severe self-doubt and anxiety over my relationship, wondering whether it would end. Two years later, we’re now married and have a baby on the way… Thank you, Sarika!

Emily G, NYC

Just a few months ago, I was heartbroken, and directionless. Now, I feel abundant, like there is already one million dollars in my bank! I feel so loved, and I can already envision my life partner entering my life 🙂

Fatima V., NYC

After doing Sarika’s program, I met the man of my dreams and we got engaged in 2 months! In this field, Sarika’s the best at what she does.

Ellie S, NYC

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