Women in the corporate world, this is for you.

When I first started my spiritual healing journey, I was a hot mess. The left side of my body had gone numb for some reason. I felt drained, uninspired, and dejected with the world. There didn’t seem to be a reason to live.

I thought I had done everything right — I was always a great student, went to top schools, studied engineering and got an MBA, and had a coveted job in a top consulting firm, in New York City. I was also going to be married to a nice Indian man who was a successful radiologist.

One day, my world turned upside down. To my surprise, my fiance decided to end the relationship, and was gone. On the work front, there were a few colleagues who were making my life miserable and were trying to kick me out. All my dreams of the perfect life were shattered. I thought I had everything under control, and now this!

As it turns out, I was a disempowered woman, trapped inside a manicured, inauthentic body, trying to succeed in a rigid, more ‘masculine’ world.

The next day, after my relationship had ended, I met a spiritual healer, who was an unlikely contender — she was a psychic, a wild gypsy woman, who had not even graduated from high school. Yet, she seemed wise, and could articulate the roots of my suffering very clearly. She talked about ‘surrendering to God’ and other things, that I had resisted for many years. She said could help me heal and build my spiritual foundation, which she said didn’t exist. She also asked for a huge amount of money, which I was skeptical about, and yet — she was my only beacon of hope. While this blew my logical mind, my gut told me — there’s no turning back! I must surrender, as there was nowhere else to go, except to face myself.

As I began this journey, I learned that my Divine Feminine was yearning to be awakened, connected, healed and empowered. While my healer supported in planting and watering the seeds, I followed my heart and intuition, and found my own practices; as I slowly opened up my vessel to love, grace and abundance.

Ladies, here are some steps that can help you, as you begin your Divine Feminine journey.

  1. Find a cushion to sit on, and connect with your body. Perhaps you may have guessed what I mean — meditate! No matter what the circumstances are in your home or work, find at least 10 minutes (if not more) a day, to sit in silence, connecting with your breath, heart and womb. In addition, join a yoga class, get into tribal dancing, or another embodiment art form. Our inner truth and source of freedom are here, within ourselves and bodies, we just need to listen to it. No one can take us away from ourselves!
  2. Find a natural ‘sacred site’, perhaps a park, lake, or garden, to visit everyday. As I discovered the magic of walking meditation, I began to spend time in a nearby park everyday — either in the morning, or after work. I was enchanted by the fountain, which was surrounded by a garden. It was a special place for me — for it was unmanicured, wild and free — and was teeming with aromatic weeds, glorious flowers and honeybees. It changed throughout each season, and I would spend time connecting and meditating with it everyday. It was a reminder of my Divine Feminine potential, within; and it was a respite from the corporate world, with its rigidity and masculinity.
  3. Find a like-minded community and mentor. Ladies, this one’s really important. One thing that we are trained, in our modern society, is that should be self-sufficient. On the contrary, universal truth is based on love, connection, collaboration — and supporting the upliftment of all. If we want to liberate ourselves, we must find other people who are integrating with their divine feminine/sacred masculine to spend time with, meditate with, learn from, and do community service with (for me, it was Service Space and Wake Up). There is a saying — we are the sum average of the five people we spend the most time with. Be conscious of whom you are exchanging energy with; and begin to pull yourself (gently!) from people who drain your energy. A mentor or coach, who is your constant guide, and someone you look up to, will make sure that you feel safe and give you regular injections of faith, as you venture into your new self.
  4. Spend time by yourself. Another habit energy that we tend to fall into is making ourselves busy. We’re too busy socializing, working, watching TV, or spending time at the gym. Make time for wandering aimlessly, reading for pleasure, learning something ‘useless’ (yet meaningful to you!), taking yourself out for brunch, going for a retreat — date yourself! As one monastic had told us at a retreat — you are your own ‘soulmate’ and best friend. You can also find rituals to honor yourself. One of my friends, who describes herself as a ‘High Priestess’, told me that she puts on make up everyday, to honor the goddess within her — she does it in a sacred, ritualistic way.
  5. Start a gratitude journal, and learn to fully accept praise and gifts. The Divine Feminine is all about opening up to receiving (and giving!) — love, money, happiness, joy. When we spend time consciously thinking and writing of things we are grateful for, we are opening up to abundance. Take time to keep a journal, writing 10 things you are grateful for that day, and feel into it; you can even visualize a golden light enveloping you, surrounding you with grace. The other aspect on opening up is to accept whatever the universe wants to give you today, whether it’s money, jewelry, a smile — even if it’s a guy on the street that’s complimenting you — say thank you! You are a gift from God, and deserve to be honored and complimented — learn to accept, without feeling obliged to give back.
  6. Spend money on things you care about. Let’s face it — we live in a world of constant financial lack and fear. Even if we have well-paying jobs, we are constantly afraid and storing money for the future; or, we spend on things that are ‘socially acceptable’, like an expensive degree or dining out with friends. Ladies, there is an alternative feminine energetic force, around building a sacred relationship with money — and the first tenet is to spend on things that our hearts desire. Our heart has great wisdom, and knows what is best for yourself and the greater good — allow your money to flow to the betterment of yourself and the world — and do it with courage and conviction. You will experience abundance in due course, in a Divine Feminine way.
  7. Learn to speak from your heart. We have been told to speak our minds. Actually, this is dangerous, as our minds are ego-driven, self-protective, and easily reactive. When we are calm, centered, and connected to our hearts, we get a deeper understanding of what our feelings and needs are. Following techniques in conscious communication, such as Non-Violent Communications, we can begin to share our concerns and needs, in an empathetic, connection-building way. We can also learn to practice deep listening — both Divine Feminine skills. Ladies, these skills are immensely powerful in the corporate world!
  8. Follow your imagination, and act on your creative urges. When we find time to spend on meditation, or ‘nothing’, we can begin to touch on our inner yearnings, related to our soul blueprint, that we were born with. For instance, I had visions and a deep-seated desire to hold meditation gatherings at my place, long before I started my spiritual practice. I also started to visualize my future, and let my dreams run wild. Whether it was getting more time to chill out on a beach, meet a divine soulmate, live an inspiring life traveling the world and serving, learn esoteric healing modalites in Alchemy, starting new ‘fun’ businesses  — finding time to imagine and create, was allowing my Divine Feminine to grow and thrive. Now, whenever someone tells me something’s impossible, like “how can you take 6 months off from work?” I laugh, because I know that anything’s possible, if I can imagine it.
  9. Do something wild and ‘courageous’. It’s vital to realize our needs, and begin fulfilling them. For instance, I realized that I wanted to spend more time with my parents in India, for one of my parents wasn’t feeling well. I took the chance, and asked my manager whether I could work from home for a month, in Delhi. Surprise, surprise — she let me! This began a whole series of experimentation, in taking time out for myself, traveling, and working at the same time. Magical things began to happen, and my imaginary life began to manifest in different ways. I now have more time to do anything I want — work, travel, play — they are all blending together, in a meaningful and abundant way.
  10. Become playful, and allow for flow. The Divine Feminine loves laughing, pulling pranks, and testing ourselves and others, in a joyful way, of course. You can use humor to make your life easier, and resolve conflicts at home and work. Play with your spouse, kids and colleagues; and begin breaking your own rules. Let go of expectations of yourself; and accept your ‘failures’ as life experiences. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in the process, even if there’s sadness or heart-break along the way. As long as you are authentic, joyful, kind, compassionate and equanimous, life will keep blessing you; and you will see a powerful woman inside of you emerge.
  11. Pick up embodiment practices and dance more: Dancing – like doing belly dancing or Five Rhythms – will get you connected to your body – and allow for greater flow.
  12. Appreciate your feminine qualities:
  13. Explore your sexuality:
  14. Spend time doing something pleasureful everyday:


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