Do you feel like you’re here to play a bigger game? Does your heart itch for expansion and experiencing true passion, purpose and partnership in every sense of the word – even if you don’t even know what it looks like?

You’ve always been a go-getter and you know you are meant for MORE – more love and romance, more growth, more sharing of your divine gifts.

You’re a leader that’s here to impact the world and leave a legacy behind you. You want a soulmate relationship that takes you both higher in consciousness… a best friend as you co-create a thriving, joyful world together.

Yet, now you’re stuck. Maybe you’re repeating the same self-defeating patterns in your love life and career. Of dating emotionally unavailable men that don’t meet your mark. Or maybe you are still heartbroken from a past relationship…

It doesn’t have to be this way. You’ve come to the right place.

Life is a Sacred journey. Love is the guide. YOU are the way.    – Sarika Jain

Hi thereI’m delighted that your journey has brought you here.

I’m Sarika Jain, (R)evolutionary Relationship & Dating Coach and author of The 90-Day Soulmate Plan: Get out of your own way and attract the Higher Love you deserve. 

My passion, my calling is to help purpose-driven visionary women find love that ignites their souls, become Relationship Experts and lead an extraordinary life of impact.

As a resident of New York City, and former business strategist on Wall Street, I’ve managed to find peace in a place that is one of the busiest, energetic epicenters of the world.  My friends would tell you that I’m sassy, yet soulful and intuitive. Many have called me “the best listener they’ve ever met” – and it’s that type of relationship that I look forward to cultivating with you as we walk on this path together.

I’ve designed a life aligned with my own values and unique definition of success – family, faith and freedom. I’m here to lead a revolution around healthy love because I’ve seen the power of relationships in personal growth and evolution.

I want to support you in doing the same – creating a life that you cherish, and cultivating those relationships that ignite your soul and feel authentic, loving and powerful.

Even at a young age, I had a fascination with love and the intricacies of human relationships, personal development, and what it means to be a modern woman.

That passion led me to launch (R)evolutionary Relationship & Dating Coaching as a guidepost for women who are committed to creating fulfilling, passionate lives that embody their soul’s truth.

I have spent my adulthood studying under some greatest mentors alive today – in business, love, psychology and spirituality. I had the unique opportunity of living in India during my teens where I connected deeply with Indian spirituality, followed by formal education as an MBA from The Wharton School, and having worked at organizations such as Bain & Co, Merrill Lynch, Yahoo! and the World Bank.

When I’m not coaching clients, you can find me playing with my baby, at our community garden, cooking up a storm for my loved ones, teaching yoga, relationship workshops and meditation gatherings, or spending time with my husband Krishan and my three young daughters. We love to travel and spent a blissful month in Bali for our honeymoon!


My own journey to finding love with Krishan was not easy.


I suffered the ups and downs of dating in my twenties and early thirties, along the way reading every relationship book I could get my hands on, searching tirelessly for the way to find my ideal life partner.  I was on a quest to find “the one” and I was leaving no stone unturned.

Along the way I even got engaged – to Mr. WRONG!

That broken engagement left me devastated and disillusioned – but with a new direction and outlook.

The night of the break up, as I wept, a voice came from my heart that said, “I need spiritual healing.”

I sought support, looked inward, and went through my own deep personal transformation. I learned that due to my inner blocks, I kept attracting the same types of relationship patterns, over and over. And… that I needed to heal my heart and close my ‘Ex Files’.


From this personal low point came the greatest gift, the gift of being courageous and vulnerable. I learned to truly and profoundly love myself. I healed my heart, and released sabotage patterns that were holding me back in every part of my life. I mastered my inner game, connected to my truth and started LIVING the way I hoped to live – fully, passionately and with total joy!

It was then that I met Krishan.

Right off the bat, I knew Krishan was the one I had been waiting for. Even though I felt like a ‘late bloomer’ in life, I knew that the cosmic forces had brought us together at exactly the right moment when I was ready for this partnership.

We were married three years later in my father’s hometown in India, participating in a sacred wedding ceremony at the Bodhi Tree, where Buddha attained enlightenment. The power of such a place, in such a spiritual moment of my life, was a gift I will never forget.

My husband is the kindest, most open-hearted soul I know. We share a deep connection, and are madly in love and attracted to each other. And we are consciously learning new relationship skills together. Every day, I thank my lucky stars to be with him.

I knew I had the found the formula for attracting True Love and I created my courses and Love Mastery coaching to help other women do the same.

My goal is to give you the power to align your most authentic, loving and radiant self with the life you are living every day.

We have been taught that being powerful and being loving do not go hand in hand.  I know differently, I live differently, and I want to teach you how to successfully merge the two as you find your loving, omnipotent, feminine power within.

What will coaching do for you? When you begin this journey, you are on your way to:

  • Mastering the art of attraction and feminine power
  • Becoming a Relationship Expert and learn the Art of Communication
  • Understanding men’s psychology and how to make relationships last
  • Releasing your inner blocks and shifting relationship patterns that have held you back from fully stepping into the spotlight in work, love and life
  • Building a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental foundation for the rest of your life – one that nourishes and sustains you no matter what
  • Learning the art of Self Love and identifying your core purpose
  • Cultivating a sense of magnetism that is irresistible to men and abundance
  • Dating with intuition, joy and unshakable confidence
  • Identifying your UNIQUE Sacred Self Code (This is major. YOU will activate your sacred blueprint and begin to synchronistically align with a life and partnership designed to make you happy, at a soul-level)

And so much more.

My experience as a strategist, yoga teacher, energy healer, intuitive coach, spiritual guide, relationship mentor and dating coach have provided me with the opportunity to give women a direct path to their life partners…. And it’s also given me the title of “Relationship Sorceress” by my clients. My heart radiates with joy when I hear from my clients about the love that they have brought into their lives from the skills we have worked on together. Many of my clients are now married and some even have kids!

The unique approach that my team and I have put together for you will fast track your path to the life and love you deserve.

This is so much more than a relationship journey. This is a journey to your deepest desires, your soul’s calling and the most important relationships of your life – the one with your soulmate and the one with yourself!

Private coaching support for every part of your love, relationship and dating journey.