“You are searching the world for treasure, but the real treasure is yourself.” ~ Rumi


Look in the mirror when you wake up, and say, “Hello goddess, it’s so lovely to see you today! I’m so grateful to you.” Smile at yourself, and notice how your eyes scrunch up in the corners.


Stare into the depths of your eyes, noticing the luminous colors, seeing your infinite wisdom and compassion. Lovingly gaze at your hair, ears, face, lips as a lover would. Caress your head and tuck away your hair behind your ears. Pinch your cheeks and say, “Darling, you are so cute and beautiful! I love you. I will always be there for you.” Laugh at your silliness.


If you have a full-length mirror, stand in front of it, naked or half dressed. Notice your contours, your body. If you find yourself being critical, maybe start with, “My sacred [body part], such as, “My sacred thighs, my sacred breasts…”


Marvel at how interconnected each of your cells are, how wildly complex your muscles, tendons, bones are. Touch your body, sending loving energy through your hands. If you feel pleasure or pain, be there for it, feel it.


Revel in knowing that your body is a divine vessel, chosen by your soul, and gifted to you from mother earth.


Your body is a temple, and you are a goddess.


During the day, pay attention to yourself. Notice what you’re feeling, thinking without judgement. Smile at your silliness or cuteness. Draw a funny or pretty doodle. Pick some flowers, and ceremoniously give them to yourself. Spend time listening to yourself. Laugh, play, skip. It’s ok if people see you!


In the evening, cook yourself a delightful dinner, and slowly devour it with a delicious glass of wine or juice. Turn off the TV, play some music, have a deep, enlightening and engaging conversation with yourself, draw a bath with candles, and make sensual love to yourself. Be in tune with your heart, and see what she desires.


You are the one you’ve been waiting for.


You are so loved by the world, your higher self, your parents, your ancestors, your sisters, your lovers (now, or in the future). Now, if you only you could love yourself the same way.


If you could only open up to the mystery of who you are, and recognize that each moment you have in this body is fleeting, so therefore you must cherish yourself every chance you can.


That you are a divine creatrix, and can manifest anything your soul deeply desires, in this life.


When you have this knowing – and this sense of love and compassion for yourself, you will attract a partner who feels the same about you. The world is your mirror.


You will experience a spiritual partnership with your divine soulmate, who will also love himself as deeply. And therefore be able to love you in this deeply connected, open way.


You call in your soulmate from the place of Self Love. 


This is not vanity, selfishness or narcissism. Rather it a deep awareness that you are worthy love, just like anyone else is. You are a child of God, perfect and cherished in your own way.


There is a Buddhist story about Queen Mallika and King Prasenajit, a royal couple in ancient India:


“Is there anyone who loves you as much as yourself?”


One day King Prasenajit of Koshala asked Queen Mallika, “My dear wife, is there anyone who loves you as much as yourself?”


The Queen laughed and responded, “My dear husband, is there anyone who loves you more than you love yourself”?


The next day they told the Buddha of their conversation and he said, “You are correct. There is no one in the universe more dear to us than ourselves. The mind may travel in a thousand directions, but it will find no one else more beloved. The moment you see how important it is to love yourself, you will stop making others suffer.”


This kind of unconditional love is one that is healing, life-affirming, and ends the cycle of suffering we find ourselves in. You can open your heart to loving someone, without the sense of insecurity and neediness – rather, from a place of feeling like your own cup is full.


And you will truly be able to relish and delight in your soulmate, and experience enchantment with your honey. You would be stepping into the Love Goddess you’ve always been, inside.


Wishing you love and light,



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