If you’re opposed to online dating, then I will tell you that you are shutting yourself off from a whole world of kind, caring men. Ask yourself – what do you fear about online dating? I know it seems unnatural – after all, most romance novels don’t include online dating!

In the coming age, I believe that most people will meet their dream partners online – after all, what greater medium for synchronicity!

The idea is to enjoy the journey of dating, and getting to know yourself – and online gives you the ability to meet men of every type!


Principles for Online Dating:

  1. Create a beautiful, appealing profile. Add pictures that show your goddess self. If you have a great profile, great guys will write to you eventually – guaranteed!
  2. Be kind, funny and authentic online – almost like you would be meeting in a social gathering
  3. Talk to the person on the phone, before meeting them
  4. Go on a couple of dates with a person – and give people a chance! They may not be husband material, but so what?
  5. Be careful. It’s important not to share your energy field with just about anyone – you know what I mean?J
  6. Develop habits. Spend half an hour each evening responding to people online. Schedule time in your calendar if you have to! The key is to open yourself up to possibilities
  7. Remove all artificial criteria about what you are seeking (over 6 feet, never been married, Ivy League-educated, sporty).


If you need help with online dating, I have a proven system that works – and can help.


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