Growing up, I was fascinated with what made relationships work (or not!), and would secretly devour the juicy love sections in magazines and books. I used to be a sucker for love songs from The Bodyguard and my heart would sink in melancholy as I listened to “I don’t want to cry!” and “Hole in my Soul”.


My own path to finding love and happiness was not easy. I thought I had finally figured out the formula, following the ‘smart, successful woman’ path of getting Ivy League degrees and working at top firms, and at the same time, being a talented and fun romantic partner. I was an avid reader of every personal development book under the sun.


In 2011, I was cruising in my career, and met a wonderful man to settle down with – a successful doctor. I had found ‘the one’ and life was looking rosy – right on plan.


Then, in almost an instant, the rug was pulled from under my feet. 


My fiancé dumped me, a month after our engagement. Not only was deeply shocked and mortified, I was heartbroken, devastated and disillusioned.


Interestingly, things weren’t easier on the work front either. There were a few colleagues who were making my life miserable and were trying to kick me out.


I was struggling in all of my relationships, and reflected on how many men had broken up with me. I had read every book on how to be successful in love and life, especially as a woman in the corporate world – and I felt like a failure in life.


During the breakup, my ex told me that I “had deep-set psychological issues”, I was “too controlling”, and that “he couldn’t trust me”. He told me that I had the “tendency of pushing all my loved ones away from me”. I stared at him incredulously as he told me, and yet, a part of me wondered how much was true. I wondered if I truly loved him, or whether I even really, truly cared about myself.


To the external world, I knew I was pretty and elegant. However, inside, I felt ugly and undesirable. I felt like an imposter. 


I had already worked with a therapist, and knew that my problems were not purely psychological – they were deeper. I had done all the inner work – and yet, I was still struggling in my relationships.


I was a hot mess. The left side of my body had gone numb for some reason. I felt drained, disconnected, and disgusted with the world. I was at my wit’s end, and didn’t want to live anymore.


That night – a voice came from my heart – “I need spiritual healing”. I had never heard those words before.


The day after the break up, I wandered the streets aimlessly (my colleagues sent me home, as I was a shell). I saw a storefront that said ‘Psychic’ in gold lettering. My body wandered in, even though my logical mind resisted!


It was there that I met a psychic healer. She did an accurate reading about the situation in my life, especially with the breakup, which surprised me.


Then, she had some bad news to share. My heart and sacral chakras were ‘shutting down’, and I was a ball of toxicity. I was a magnet for heartbreak, and would keep attracting painful situations in my life. This situation with my ex may not be over, but if I didn’t start my healing now, I would be bitter forever. I would never be able to truly open my heart and experience true love and fulfillment. 


She told me that I had a choice – I could invest (a lot) in my personal transformation and spiritual healing, or continue on with life as is. It was like the scene in The Matrix when Neo meets the Oracle – take the red pill or the blue one. I took the red – to face the harsh reality of life. I could not live in “ignorance of illusion” anymore!


As I started the journey, it was tough and painful; I cried almost every day – the anguish and anger was overwhelming! I saw sides of me I didn’t want to.


Strangely, though, I was relishing the process. I learned to truly love myself, and practice radical acceptance and forgiveness. I released inner blocks that were preventing me from experiencing love openly. I learned about my sabotage patterns in relationships, how to heal them, and how to express myself firmly yet authentically.


I started aligning with what nurtured my heart and soul – meditation, service, nature, healing and positive thinking. I spent time in churches and parks, praying for grace. I was reconnecting with spirituality – but on my own terms.


Then, out of the blue, something magical started happening… I was feeling lighter, happier! I was suddenly free from my negative thoughts and overwhelming emotional turmoil! I felt a whiff of tranquillity and meaning – and that was my hook.


I was falling madly in love with my life – and discovered the meaning of joy and freedom. I had given up my attachment of needing romance or marriage to be happy – I was happy and deeply connected to myself, which was incredibly fulfilling.


I finally knew and understood my inner quirks, demons and desires. It was as though I were refining my own ‘tuning fork’, and I could see myself how God sees me. I learned… I am God.


I started feeling more feminine, intuitive and compassionate. My edges were softer, and my words were kinder. I began to experience deep love and empathy – which I never knew before – this made my heart want to cry.


I started to experience the magic of unconditional love. People started being so kind and sweet to me – even my colleagues! I had love flowing to me from every direction. My vision started opening up, and I could see new gifts that I had to offer the world! I began to immerse myself in metaphysics, healing and yoga. I felt magnetic, deeply connected and alive!


My journey became filled with mystical and magical experiences of true grace and synchronicity.


“Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us. The world changes when we change. the world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.” ― Marianne Williamson


Three months later, I began to date again, with more ease and openness. I had a better idea of the kind of partnership and life I really wanted. And I knew that I was a better person, partner and lover, already!


It was then that I met Krishan in my meditation group, synchronistically.


We dated in a conscious and mindful way, watering the seeds of understanding and compassion, slowly. We had fun and experienced truly beautiful romance, traveling the world together. At the same time, we gave each other freedom and space to heal and grow. It was magical and we felt so deeply connected, and yet, we took life one day at a time.


In December of 2013, Krishan proposed to me on a cliff overlooking the ocean in the Bahamas – it was the most romantic engagement I could have imagined!


Then, a year later, we had an epic wedding (for us!) in my dad’s hometown in India, with all of my family there to bless us. We even had a wedding ceremony at the Bodhi Tree (the place where Buddha attained enlightenment) – it was sacred and enchanted.


Through my journey, I became inspired to support other women in finding true love and bliss in their relationship with self, then others.


I now know that our life becomes more synchronistic and easy, as we heal our inner blocks, transform our beliefs, and learn to practice the skills to form deeply connected relationships. Life is not a struggle, when we’re flowing with love and grace!


I left my corporate job, and began the Relationship Mastery program to partner with smart, successful women in healing their inner blocks, discover the essence of self-love – and ultimately, experience love in a healthy, authentic way.


My heart radiates with joy when I get ‘thank you’ notes from my clients who are starting to enjoy true inner freedom, meaning and fulfillment in their lives.


Clients tell me that we do more together in just a few months, than what they experience in years of therapy! They are able to take their inner work and spiritual growth to the next level.


Through our work, my clients gain mastery in their relationships at home and work. They begin to feel more ease and flow in their careers, and create a lifestyle that’s nurturing, healthy and resonant with their heart’s desires. They learn about their unique gifts and start living with greater passion.


My clients begin to experience true, unconditional love in all aspects of their lives. Many have already found their life partners – sometimes within a week of working with me!


My unique approach combines psycho-spiritual principles in self-love and healing mastery, and practical skills in healthy loving and cultivating conscious relationships. A strategist at heart, I am always looking for the greatest impact and results in my clients’ lives. I am also deeply connected to my clients – a true partner in their transformation – they never feel alone in their journey.


I see this work as a sacred and essential journey for both me and my client – and my desire for excellence in healing and transformation is what I’m devoted to!

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