About a year ago, I had embarked on an experiment to infuse my water with love and kindness. This hippie experiment was inspired by a book titled ‘Hidden Messages in Water’ by Dr. Masaru Emoto, in which he shared some vivid pictures on experiments done on water, after being exposed to different words, sounds and intentions. The water crystals would take on beautiful forms with positive words; and blurred or even destroyed forms when exposed to negativity.Given that we are nearly 70% water, I wanted to experiment with drinking ‘loving’ water.I decided to keep a sturdy glass cup at my desk, and used a marker to write words on the sides (inside the orange cup holder, facing the water) – ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’; and would drink water out of it every day, sometimes in a state of mindfulness when I would remember.Last Wednesday, I decided to begin doing random acts of kindness at work, to further my journey and exploration of finding greater integrity in my work life. After everyone had left, I hung up a few of Leah’s Dharma Comics in the pantry and copy room, and placed little presents on peoples’ desks, with a Smile Card on top. I giggled mischievously and nervously, finding great joy and excitement in this secretive operation. What would peoples’ reactions be the next morning, when they saw these little gifts? Would they be touched, and want to share their joy with others?

While leaving work, I placed the glass cup on my desk next to my laptop, filled with water that I didn’t feel like finishing, and placed a cap on top. I wasn’t going to come in on Friday, and I wanted to make sure that the water remained covered while I was gone, so that I could drink it when I came in.

On Monday morning, I walked in, and everything was normal. No signs of the presents anywhere, it was as though nothing had happened. I was a little perplexed, yet reminded myself, that nothing was meant to happen. Everything is perfect, that a little bit of love goes a long way!

Except, I noticed that my cup was missing.

The orange cap was lying on the other side of my desk, and yet, everything else was intact. I was confused, and didn’t know where it could have gone! I wondered whether a colleague might have taken it, but thought that to be unreasonable. While walking around the hallways, I would make furtive glances, looking for the cup – nowhere to be seen!

I soon forgot about the cup, and continued with my hectic job – answering e-mails, running project meetings, setting up workshops in different cities.

On Wednesday evening, I was typing away at my computer, trying to quickly finish work before an Awakin sit to be taking place at my apartment. Everyone was gone, and I was able to peacefully wrap up a few items. As I was absorbed in my laptop screen, Rosa, the quiet, beautiful Peruvian cleaning lady in the office, came up and tapped my shoulder. She whispered faintly, yet strongly, “Excuse me! I know you are quite busy, but I had to let you know something.” I was perplexed, and yet I offered to listen, although I could feel my impatience rising. She continued, “That cup you had on your desk – I was trying to clean your desk, and while moving your cup, water started falling out! The top of the cup was shattered, and pieces of glass were floating in the cup. I even cut my finger a little while moving it. I was confused how you could drink out of this cup! I had to throw it away, so as to prevent water from spilling on your computer…”

I sat in shock, as I wondered about all the possibilities of why this cup would have shattered. This had happened on Friday, the same day that people had received their gifts. Did this cup break from the energy of giving – of loving kindness and gratitude? Or some sort of negativity that had been released? I began to think of my own ‘vessel’ of love – how this cup represented me, in a certain way. It too was filled with 70% of water when I had left. If I continued with this analogy, what did it say about my own body as a vessel, as I continue my own journey of experimenting in ways of becoming lighter as a being – of meditation, non-violence, understanding myself better, releasing negative energy – and also, holding space for others, listening deeply and with empathy, of spreading love and kindness, of healing?

What power does loving kindness really have?

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