I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons one morning (it’s soo good!), and was sweetened by a quote she shared from Rumi: “Whatever you’re seeking, is seeking you” – 10x more! It was a piece of wisdom shared to a woman seeking inspiration to begin her creative writing journey. 
If you’re seeking inspiration… inspiration is seeking you.
If you’re seeking joy… joy is seeking you.
If you’re seeking peace… peace is seeking you.
If you’re seeking union with the divine… the divine is seeking union with you.
If you’re seeking true love… true love is seeking you.
Sometimes in the journey of love, we wonder why it’s so hard to meet ‘the one’, and why it’s sometimes so hard and frustrating with the men we’re in a relationship with.
You may be thinking, but Sarika… maybe I’m destined to be alone! Maybe there’s no one that wants to be with me! 
My dear – I would invite you to check in with your heart. If, deep inside, you have a deep, unyielding yearning for partnership – then I KNOW 100% that your partner is seeking you too. 
Your heart is wiser than your brain, and it knows what your soul desires and what you are destined for. Your future self pulls you towards it – and also, your partner, is pulling you towards him.
My husband once told me (in his own words), “I’ve been looking for you all my life. You are my soulmate, my best friend. If it weren’t for you, I really would have remained single.” 
I felt so grateful and touched when I heard that. Yet, I’m not going to lie – I was a little shocked when he said that. I thought, “Wait… you wanted to find me, as much as I wanted to be find you? If not more??” It nearly threw me into a tizzy. In my mind, I ALWAYS had to be the one that was working harder to attract and ‘keep’ a man.
Sarika, your soulmate is looking for you. He too, wants to be in a happy, healthy, harmonious relationship with you. He wants to pamper you, be your best friend, and turn your world upside down with his love.
Sometimes, though, we add blockages to our path to love. 
… We date men that don’t deserve our love and commitment – and overgive and compromise to the nth degree – and we wait until it’s too late to let them go (resulting in losing faith in love)
… We harbor hurt in our hearts from the past, and subconsciously become guarded and mistrusting of men – maybe even giving up on dating or burying ourselves in work
… We doubt ourselves and our self worth – and don’t embody the Queen that we really are
… We repeat certain relationship patterns, and don’t address them
Sarika, these may not be apparent to you, at first. I urge you to see how you may be standing in the way of love – and making a commitment to clearing your blockages.
In case you’re looking for inspiration for how women cleared their blocks to love, I have a few client stories to share with you:
1. Jasmine*, 36, began chatting with a man online in November. Since then, they’ve practically become each other’s besties. She’s bubbling with excitement about him and can’t wait to be with him! She never knew that she could be with a man who was empathetic, understanding, cute, modern, spiritual, supportive (the list continues). She honestly had written off that such (straight) men exist.The funny thing is that he was in her life for eight years – she just never got to know him. 
Her block: She was in two dead-end relationships, and after the second didn’t work out, she felt burned out and heartbroken. She never thought she could open her heart to love again (which is when we began to work together). Through our work together, Jasmine released her heartache and old patterns, and began to step into her power in her life. She began to deeply love and care for herself and feels like a queen.
She soon reconnected with this wonderful man… who, incidentally, has been pinging her all these years, but she never responded because she was tied up. 
He told her that he always loved her, and has been waiting for her. The beautiful thing is that they both had to go through their own ups and downs, and self love, to find each other again.
2. Xin*, 34, recently met a wonderful man online. He’s so different from her recent ex with whom she had bought a house with, and was on the path to marriage. Her ex was never available for her, emotionally or physically, and she felt like she had to do all the work to take the relationship forward  (sound familiar??). She was exhausted, worn out and depressed.
After she began therapy and coaching with me, she began to process her heartbreak, and build her foundation of emotional self care and self love. She learned about all the subconscious ways she settling in her last relationship, and why he wasn’t right for her. Xin made a commitment to take a step-by-step approach to building her spiritual/mental/emotional/physical foundation, and began dating from a place of fun, openness and sticking to her values. 
Soon enough, she met this man with whom she has a strong feeling is ‘the one’. He is emotionally available, in touch with both his masculine and feminine sides, and joins her for meditation sits when she invites him. He’s adores and cherishes her, and is constantly appreciative of her – something she sorely missed in her past relationship.
But that’s how synchronicity works – when you’re vibrating at your core frequency – you attract people and events into your life that resonate with you – almost instantly!
3. Anu*, 28, is now engaged to her man. She says (something that makes me glow with joy)  “The greatest gift Sarika gave me is my partner!”. She too began coaching when her heart was broken. She was dating a man for two years, long distance. Their relationship was all about texting, and her going out to visit him. One day, she realized that she didn’t want to get out of her bed, she was so depressed. Which is when our lives crossed and she made a commitment to focus on her inner happiness and self love. 
Anu began a deep emotional healing journey, and through the power of self love, awakened her divine feminine side. She learned how to begin and end relationships with grace and compassion. Soon after, she met her man online. She can’t believe that such a man could exist (sound familiar??) – openminded, spiritual, chasing her, honoring her desires, supportive of her quirkiness and dreams. On their second date, she invited him to Central Park, where they practiced a tantric eye gazing exercise which she learned from a seminar. He did it, and continues to love all sides of her. He too, can’t believe that he won the love lottery, which it sometimes feels like.
* Please note that I’ve changed clients’ names to maintain privacy
I could go on sharing stories. I am not sharing these to brag about the impact of coaching with me (although there is some of it!). But I’m sharing this because I want to inspire you to know and believe that you, too, are capable and deserving of meeting your soulmate – and that he, too, is looking for you. 
There was a time when I thought, “I don’t need a man! I’m so happy being single.” It’s true, I was! But my love coach at the time said, “Sarika, you’re actually doing a disservice to the one who wants to be with you. Remember, you are opening up your heart not just for yourself, but for the people who want to, and are destined, to be with you.” In that token, I now realize that my daughter, Lila, is my soulmate – and she wouldn’t have come into my life had I not committed my life to opening my heart to finding Krishan.
Dear one, it’s time you stop standing in the way of love. Your soulmate is looking for you too. 
It doesn’t have to be that hard. Reading books on love, working with a relationship coach, therapist or joining a program on dating/relationships will support you in taking healthy action in your love life. 

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