I had a client session recently, in which she revealed that her dream is to create a “deep, sensual, maddening” life and relationship with her man.

WOW – that’s hot.

This is a man she met within six months of our coaching work together – and might I say, he is divine! He shows up for her, is spiritual, takes her on trips, is her biggest champion… he loves, cherishes and protects her. He is truly kind and caring – not like the men in the past.

As they deepen their relationship, heal blocks and navigate creating a strong relationship foundation, she keeps getting the message,

“You must love and heal yourself. Everything else will follow.”

It’s true.

Self Love is the #1 key to magnetizing the soulmate relationship and life you want.

I wish I could give you all the reasons why this is true, but here are a few…

1. When you love yourself, you release Oxytocin and Serotonin (and other positive hormones) in your body, which is the ultimate ‘love’ potion. You radiate with joy, confidence and vitality.

Healthy men are attracted to that, and long for that feeling within them, which they get when they are around a nurturing, self-loving woman. This is what ‘being in love’ actually feels like – a gush of oxytocin in one’s body.

Powerful, right? I call it the ‘O’ factor.

2. Through the power of Self Love, you can do the inner work of healing your wounds and scars, reparenting yourself, and creating the emotional safety and stability your body longs for.

I once heard a Buddhist monk say that most of us in the modern world are walking around with some level of PTSD – imagine! Which means that we really have to heal our own emotional wounds, anxiety, our neurosis.

Moreover, as I’ve mentioned in my last newsletter, nearly 86% of young girls suffer with low self esteem. Women have been oppressed in this patriarchal culture for over 2000 years. As modern women, we carry this pain – which is why it’s even more important to practice Self Love.

3. Self Love is the most powerful tool for creating mental stability and health. Our minds are fickle creatures that thrive on negative thinking and emotional turmoil. To break the cycle, and heal our minds, we must practice ways in which we bring awareness and love to our minds and thought patterns.

I’ve seen many, many anxiety-ridden clients heal themselves through self love, and take themselves off of medication. Powerful, right?

4. The way you love yourself is the way others will love you. We live in an energetic universe, and the world is our mirror. If you Appreciate, Accept, Approve of yourself, and give Attention and Affection to yourself (which I call the 5 As of Love), then you will attract people (and men!) who will love you in the same way. Not only do you ‘train’ others around you on how to love you, you send out subtle hints to people. It’s like creating your own ‘How to love Sarika manual’.

Men love to be guided in the area of love – and you can be his wise love priestess. =)

The opposite is true too – if you notice that the world is harsh or unkind to you – then you need to be loving, accepting and kind to yourself!

5. Self Love forms the foundation of a healthy relationship.

When you know what conditions are nourishing to you, you start to cut out toxic behaviors and relationships, and begin creating healthy boundaries. The way you love yourself is the way you will love others – so your abilities to practice empathy, compassion, kindness and understanding with others will increase. Your cup is overflowing, and you give to your relationships from a place of health and nourishment.

Unlike common misconceptions – being neurotic is not cute or sexy – instead, it invites drama. Just like dogs can smell fear, so can unhealthy men smell drama. Self love is the only antidote to creating drama-free relationships.

Your man will be unveiled to you as soon as you begin to love yourself. And trust me – you will want a man who loves himself too!

6. Self Love allows you to align with your unique Purpose and soul essence – the secret gift that you have to offer the world. Your Wow! Factor as I like to call it.

As you shed layers of inauthenticity, your inner wisdom, strength and unconditional love comes pouring out of you. You begin to radiate with confidence, and your life feels more aligned and balanced.

You begin to really do your life’s work, and you are motivated by love, courage and faith. Even if you work in a company, you become a person of Light, healing the darkness that our current system is.

Have you seen those women who simply love themselves for who they are – and how magnificent their lives are? Or how comfortable you are being around them, because they accept you for who you are?

I could give you even more reasons, but honestly I feel that I could spend a day (or year!) talking about this. 🙂

The key is for you to start your Self Love journey NOW.

Your soulmate is calling for you to do it, your purpose wants you to, your higher self is begging you to love yourself.

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