One of my intentions this year is to share high vibe resources and teachings with you to help you align with your Soulmate Frequency. Metaphysics, astrology, numerology, healing circles, online courses to align you with your dream relationship… and working in sisterhood to uplift each other!

I recently did an interview with my brown soul sister and good friend, Lubaina Choudhury, a master astrologer & healing facilitator, where had an AMAZING conversation on how you can use astrology to better your love life. She even helped decipher my astrology chart in which I got tremendous insight into my personality, relationship patterns and life purpose.

>> Check out the interview here.

We covered:

+ What happens during an astrology reading? What can you learn about your love life?

+ What do they mean about ‘stars aligning’?

+ How to change the course of your love life, using your astrological chart

+ What are the overall predictions for love and finding partnership in 2022?

If you’re a metaphysics nerd like me or generally interested in how to use the ancient Indian science of astrology to become a master in this life, then you MUST watch the interview!

With love and light,


P.S. Lubaina is now offering personalized astrology readings and Movement of Light healing sessions. She’s also got an upcoming Introduction to Astrology course. I’ve been following her for years and her work is incredible. Her website is http://www.meditation-yoga.NYC. 

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