Do you wonder why some things seem easier, more magical for some, than for others? How is it that some people live a life of ease, joy, passion, beauty, abundance – while others struggle and keep seeing the same patterns, over and over?

Through my years of studying love and happiness, I’ve realized that it all boils down to Language.

Language is what forms our reality, and creates or destroys possibility.

If we’re fish, it’s the well we’re inside of. It’s hard to imagine a world outside our own little wells!

It’s why, in Animal Farm and 1984, George Orwell shares how the powers-to-be used language to create a dystopian world. (If you haven’t read them – do so – it will give you goosebumps!).

So the question for you is… if you were a fish, how would you describe your well?

What do your thoughts look like? What do people say/do around you? How would you describe your day-to-day existence?

how to be happy


If your world looks like the second (World of Possibility): good for you! I’m sure you’re already creating magical things in your life.

If you’re single – I guarantee that your man is on his way. If you’re in a relationship, something tells me that you can get through the roughest of patches with grace. Happy, healthy relationships live in this realm; and acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness are possible.

If you’re looking for your purpose or passion – you’re probably already living it, and don’t even realize it! You have more opportunities flowing your way, if you remain open-hearted, committed and curious. You are probably seen as someone crazy, different, ‘too much’… and sometimes it can feel lonely. But remember you are a shining light. If you are in any way dimming your light, then see the next point…

If your world looks like the first (World of Survival): first of all, congratulations for recognizing it. It’s a reality-check – and let’s face it – most of society is operating in this world.

Unfortunately, though, it looks like unless you make a drastic shift in your mindset, beliefs and environment – your life is unlikely to change. You WILL keep attracting the same patterns, over and over.

Don’t get me wrong – this world is safe. It’s certain. You probably have plenty of friends and have a good job.

But… it’s the world of limited vulnerability, courage and creativity.

Love doesn’t exist in this realm. Fear does.

It’s the reason why nearly 50% of Americans get depressed at some point in their lives, and why depression is rising (this makes me sad).

So how can YOU create a world of possibility, wonder and love?

I’m going to share more on this in the next post – but here are some ideas to get started…


1. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive, wise people. Join a weekly meditation group, or do a weekend program like Landmark Education, Tony Robbins or other workshops. All of my events help women create happy, extraordinary mindsets (see here for upcoming workshops).

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