If you’re just getting your dating life jumpstarted… I know vulnerable, scary and frustrating it can feel. I remember saying things to myself, like:

“What if I say or do the wrong things??”

“What if I meet and fall in love with a great guy, and he disappears?”

“I don’t have time to waste with losers!!”

Don’t worry, we got you covered, girl. 

I’m part of an exciting new project called First Date Stories, where women (especially in their late 30s and beyond) share their stories and advice on navigating the tricky journey to finding ‘the one’. Plus, there’s a whole new dating lingo and etiquette out there that you have to learn – and a convenient Modern Day Dating Dictionary to master them all.

Recently, I shared an article on “I’m not attracted, should I date him?” which you should check out – but also, the First Date Stories Podcast has some fascinating stories about women navigating love in all sorts of ways:

* What do you do when your biological clock is ticking and you want to be a mom, but there is no man in your life? Elizabeth decided to go it alone and was pregnant when Tom asked her to dinner. The story of what happened next should be heard by every woman who’s in a similar place in life today as Elizabeth was then.

* Connie thought she had found the perfect match in Chris. But, when his actions on their first date suddenly took a sharp turn, she wondered whether she should trust her heart, or her gut. Listen as Connie shares her story about connection and intimacy, and how they don’t always match up.

* Jeanette was in an unhappy long-term relationship when she met Randy. Hear how that encounter in her 50s, and the first date that followed, changed the trajectory of her life and all that she learned in her pursuit of hope and self-renewal.

>> You can listen to all of these interviews here for free!

Dear one, remember you’re not alone – and that millions (if not billions) of women before you have found love without losing their sanity – and so will you! Having a resource like First Date Stories at hand will make you feel so much better equipped and supported in your dating journey. 

The best part is that the resources on this site will make you feel happier, lighter and more open to life’s opportunities 🙂

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