Today, Krishan and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary together. I’m surprising him 🙂

It’s been an enchanting year, and I can safely say that marriage (with the right man!) is totally worth it. (I share some tips on how to attract Mr. Right at my upcoming workshop on Tuesday).

Some key lessons we’ve learned…

  • Communication is key. We wouldn’t have made it through some really tough moments without empathy and understanding
  • Giving each other the benefit of the doubt – and practicing radical acceptance. Marriage brings up some ‘judgmental’ sides (at least for me!) and it’s important to practice acceptance – of myself, and my partner
  • Be REAL. There are so many times we could choose to play ‘nice’, or let things go… faking that things are going fine. That just creates resentment over time. But if there’s something I really desire or prefer, I try hard to be honest and compassionate at the same time. The great thing is, Krishan’s always on board!
  • Keep showing up. There are times when we could be ‘busy’, and not there for each other… but we’ve made it a practice to stay involved and present in each others’ lives – even if it means listening to something uncomfortable (e.g. a complaint or fear about the relationship)
  • Have fun. Without a sense of play, married life can become drudgery and boring really quickly. When we take life too seriously, we miss out on the real essence – of experiencing love, joy and deep connection with each other and life. We joke around, plan a date night once a week, make travel plans, and keep the romance alive in small ways.

Hope you found this helpful – and please share this with your friends. Also, I’m having a workshop this Tuesday – “Attract Your Dream Relationship” – there are 2 spots left. Hope you can join me.


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