Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m one of those people that gets help for too many areas in my life. “I need marketing help! Let me hire a marketing coach” and the list goes on. My loved ones roll their eyes and think, “oh no… here she goes!” I’m a self-help junkie.Whether or not it makes logical sense, I still do it – because I know my soul needs it. Of course, I’ve become careful to find people whom I resonate with, and whom I deeply respect.

I used to be a thrifty, logical and fiercely independent woman. Now, I still am independent, but I have allowed a softer side of me that says “Universe, thank you for sending me help – may I be open to receiving it with grace” every day. I invest where my heart guides me.

I met my husband, just a few months after I invested in my healer/coach. I was able to finally break through my painful relationship patterns, and learn the art of loving myself and others. And I grew, and transformed, in so many other ways.

Last night, I read (in ‘Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom’ by Christiane Northrup), about how hiring a doula can reduce emotional stress and labor time drastically for a woman. Apparently, the medical care system could save $2B a year if they included doulas in the women’s healthcare ‘system’ – and women could be much more happy!!

Hiring someone to help you is not wasting money – rather, you are creating an energetic exchange with another being, who is there specifically to support you in your journey. It’s a two-way gift. And when you’re happy, it impacts everyone connected to you – and everything you do. So there’s a tremendous multiplier effect!

One of my clients, a founder of a medium-size start-up, saw her team’s weekly Happiness Index go up to 9.67 (out of 10) – all because of her focus on herself! She’s now the Chief Happiness Officer, because she brings the power of love in everything she does.

This is not a marketing campaign.

Rather, it’s a plea to you to invest in your self-care. I want you to be happy, to lead a long, joyful life. To experience deep and connected love, and ecstasy in your life.

And to get the 1:1 help and attention that you need and deserve. Plus, you get to support those who’s mission in life is to serve you!
Imagine this… if you’re suffering from something, there is someone spending all their time and energy studying, learning and thinking about how to serve you. They love you, and all you need to do is be open to receiving.

My mom, a naturopathic healer, has helped so many people get reconnected with their bodies, and heal. I am inspired by her, and this is how I got started in my own journey.

 Some ideas for support you can receive…

If you’re mentally struggling – get a therapist. If you’re addicted to a drug, sugar or alcohol – find a great counselor/coach (asap!).

If you’re tired and overweight – find a personal trainer or health coach.

If you’re overworked, and don’t have time for your loved ones – or want to achieve an impossible goal – hire a life coach. 

If you’re not able to feed yourself, and your loved ones with your business – hire a business coach.


If you’re stuck in your career, and want to switch to an even better, more fulfilling one – find a career coach.If you need spiritual guidance – find a spiritual mentor or healer. 

And if you need love, dating and relationship help – hire a love coach. 

And… if you want to be a master in something, hire a master to learn from.

Books are great – but how many can you read? And when you reach a stumbling block – who is there to help? We cannot expect our girlfriends, sisters or husband to play that role.

At this point, I really wonder, how can anyone break through their own belief systems, and lead an extraordinary life, without help from someone who has already gone through the process, and is ‘successful’? In ancient India, young ones had gurus and spiritual teachers. Who or what is bridging this gap today?

If you need help in some way – please reach out to me, and I am happy to share resources of amazing people I know of!Here’s to your self-love!!


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