Last night, I realized what I was suffering from. It’s called an Expectation Hangover.

When you expect something with eager anticipation, but something else happens.

I expected to be pregnant by now.

I expected to be spending endless nights making love with my husband and spending a month in Tuscany this summer.

I expected my friends, family and supporters to jump through hoops to help me in my new business.

I expected money, love and abundance to flow to me easily.

And when I didn’t reach my recent financial goals, I started to feel depressed. I cried with anger, disappointment, disillusionment.

My heart started to feel blocked and shut down.

This was affecting every part of my life. (It seems to be the path of the Type A woman!!)

I felt skeptical about what help I was already receiving. I would waste time and money by reading books and buying programs from 6-figure gurus – and then wouldn’t finish them. I couldn’t fully feel grateful or ecstatic about the blessings, love and amazing new clients flowing my way. I couldn’t fully enjoy the process of getting pregnant (right?!!). I became wary when my spiritual coach told me to simply focus on my love life with Krishan – everything else will work out.

I was also setting up my life to fail by sabotaging opportunities, constantly being in survival mode, and not being able to fully trust anyone, or the universe.

I started to distract myself with work, because that was the only thing that seemed predictable.

My relationships were starting to suffer. I withdrew, and became mistrustful. I was afraid of being vulnerable – and physically, I started to experience fear and stress in my body. Sexually, I became numb and withdrawn. I would get strange phobias – like being buried alive in caves or being stranded out in the ocean.

I was blocking myself from opportunities that I couldn’t even see.

I realized that can’t continue this way any longer. I want to live with an open heart! I want to be vulnerable, and take risks, in my life, career and relationships. I want to access the wisdom from my heart, connect with my deepest desires and be open to all of life’s possibilities!

Do you feel an Expectation Hangover about your Love Life?

Did you expect to experience deep connection, love, safety, trust and romance with a like-minded partner – by now?

Did you expect to be married by now, and maybe even be a mother?

Did you expect to love what you do, and be well respected and compensated for it?

Well, I learned that the only way out of this is…

To face your Expectation Hangover with compassion, love and wisdom.

You use your Expectation Hangover in an Alchemical process – heal and learn what you needed to – so that you can grow, on a Soul Level.

When you grow on a Soul Level, you automatically reach your goals, without suffering and struggling hard. You learn to throw out expectations, and live and love with an open heart.

If you bypass this process, and simply distract yourself, you experience the same struggles over and over, until you learn what you needed to.


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