As mentioned in my earlier post, Heal Your Sexual Chakra Part 1, this energy center is VITAL (literally) to manifesting what you want in your life – it is literally a powerhouse!

This second chakra, called svadhistana, is located at the lower belly and inner pelvis. “Svadhisthana” means one’s own home or abode. The sexual chakra is associated with water, and offers direct access to flow, emotional safety, flexibility, and fun.

The Sexual Chakra is also where you store repressed emotions, memories from past relationships, abuse, and so much more.

In healing this chakra, you will address: a) the health of your relationships with both others and yourself, b) access to unlimited creative power, c) Reconnect to Desire and Pleasure, d) Emotional detoxing, safety and stability. By learning certain communication skills (which is a focus in my coaching work with clients), you’ll learn how to express yourself more skillfully and how to begin setting healthy boundaries.

10 Tips to Revitalizing and Healing Your Sexual Chakra

I’m going to be sharing some sample practices for beginning to create a nurturing, safe environment for your body, and rejuvenating your sexual chakra.

1.Create a self-care plan. Eat mostly greens, exercise, do yoga, meditation, cut out bad TV, news & people, spend time in nature. Say no to people, and things, that drain you of energy or don’t serve/nourish you. Join a weekly meditation group.

2. Meditate on self-empathy – practice meditation around understanding your feelings and needs. Create meditative space for holding this awareness. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling? What am I needing?” Say, “even if I feel angry/sad, I still love, accept and forgive myself”. Use the Feelings/Needs sheets from the Center for Nonviolent Communication (I keep these by my bedside).

3. Practice self-approval, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance for all of your sexual past. It’s time to start with a clean slate!

4. Journal on your shame patterns. What are you ashamed of, in terms of your relationships, body, progress in life, etc? Shame deadens one’s life force, and is important to slowly heal. Keep a journal, and begin to practice Self-Approval and Self-Acceptance. There is NOTHING about you that’s shameful – but the programming can run deep!

5. Observe and Accept your menstrual cycle, sexual organs – seeing how sacred and beautiful they are. In ancient times, people prayed to the woman’s body, as it was the vessel for creating life and abundance! Inside of you, is a goddess, who deserves to be cherished – by you!

6. Do sacred feminine practices like gazing at your vagina (yoni), breast massage, massaging your abdomen. You may even use massage oil while doing this. While doing this, practice self-love, kindness, and acceptance – and even practice self-pleasure/masturbation with love for yourself. Practice dance, and moving the abdomen in circles. Here’s a 5-minute video of a movement Yoga exercise:

7. As you’re going to bed, listen to this healing meditation: Imagine a golden light, around your abdomen. You can even place right hand on your abdomen (and left hand on heart) – or just spread your feet/arms in Savasana.

8. Be careful whom you have sex with. Try to practice mindfulness in choosing your sexual partners, especially whom you are just getting to know. You don’t need to have sex with someone, in order to seal a connection – instead, make sure you have emotional connection, before having sex.

9. Practice Specific Yoga poses to heal, open up and revitalize this juicy energy center.

10. Practice this Affirmation daily for 7 days:

  • I love and enjoy my body.
  • I have healthy boundaries.
  • I am open to experiencing the present moment through my senses.
  • I am passionate.
  • I feel pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.
  • I nourish my body with healthy food and clean water.
  • I know how to take care of my needs.
  • I value and respect my body.
  • I am open to touch and closeness.
  • I allow myself to experience pleasure.
  • My sexuality is sacred.
  • Emotions are the language of my soul.
  • I take good care of my physical body.
  • I am at peace.
  • I trust in the process of life. I know that life always supports me and takes care of me. I am loved and lovable.
  • Others mirror the love and self-approval I have for myself. I rejoice in my sexuality.

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