You’re here because you want love and you know there’s greater fulfillment awaiting you. There’s some personal expansion and spiritual awakening to be had that comes primarily from intimate relationships. And let’s face it, you really want (and deserve) a sexy, grounded man who loves, cherishes and adores you. Who’s committed to you and your happiness.

Yet you must be wondering what you’re doing wrong. I’m going to spell it out for you.

3 Reasons Why You’re Single (and Unmarried).

1.    You don’t have someone pushing you to succeed in your love life, everyday. 

Starting when I was in my twenties, my parents were on my case about getting married. Coming from India, it felt like that was all they really cared about. It seemed like my high-profile career wasn’t as important to them, which I found incredibly frustrating. They even put my profile in the matchmaking sections of the Indian newspaper!

Now, reflecting back, given the path I was on, I might not have been married to my amazing husband if it weren’t for them. I would have been 42, single, with no kids.

If it hadn’t been for their constant daily reminders, I wouldn’t have chipped away at my love life daily, read countless books, invested in high-ended Dating Coaches, gone on over a hundred first dates, and given love a fair chance with men. Instead, I would have put off my search, day after day, focusing on my high-end degrees and Fortune 100 corporate experiences because it was easier and seemed like the right thing to do.

In today’s world with the rise of feminism and focus on careers, women are unconsciously choosing independence, more and more. According to a report by Morgan Stanley called Rise of the SHEconomy, the rate of single women is rising 1.2% yearly, and we can expect a whopping 45% of working (and child-bearing) age women to be single by 2030. Now, if that’s your path, more power to you girl! In that case, my newsletter probably isn’t right for you. 

Moreover, in today’s modern education system, there is not a single class on making a relationship work. That was my weakest area when I got out of school.

If you go down the current career-focused trajectory, you have a high chance of remaining single. Your workplace, boss or career are not rooting for your personal life or for your happiness.

I personally had that rude awakening when I got laid off from my job(s), when I found that no amount of career success, real estate or financial freedom could make me fulfilled or even feel secure, deep inside. In fact, I just felt more masculine and intimidating in my relationships with men and wondered whether my degrees were keeping me single.

YOU’VE got to take your love life in your own hands and make it your #1 priority.

You need someone relentlessly championing for your happiness and love life, much like a coach or personal trainer, because trust me, your girlfriends, boss, clients, sometimes even parents, aren’t going to help you in that area.

The everyday entropy and chaos of life will take over quickly and you will find yourself returning to old habits, choosing bad relationships, and sabotaging your personal life, over and over.

There’s an energetic principle, “Wherever you put your attention, that’s where the energy goes.” This is true with love. You’ve got to put in your 10,000 hours to become a Master in your love life and you need someone’s guidance in doing so.

And you gotta do this ASAP, not tomorrow, not next week; because the sooner you focus on your love life, the sooner you will see positive results.

Here’s a fact: Healthy love fuels the success of every other area of your life.

I work with women in their mid-30s and 40s who often lament that they wished they had started the Love Coaching process when they were 28-30, so that they could have had less heartache in dating, a better chance at having children naturally and spent more time with their partner prior to having kids!

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2. You’re playing the wrong game. 

 Do you know people who play the lottery each week, hoping to win $100M? These people are usually broke and are hoping for a break. Yet research shows that most people who win these often squander the money in a year. Yikes!

You are playing the lottery game when it comes to love. You are hoping for wild luck for a man to come save you from being single.

I often hear it from women – “I want to meet him naturally.” “I don’t want to put in all this hard work in love, yet to find myself single again”. “If I’m meant to find him, I’m sure it will happen.

I hate to break it to you. Your life is moving by quickly, and you can’t afford to waste time NOT focusing on creating healthy love in your life.

Love is like a garden. If you’re not cultivating it everyday, it will become barren and overrun with weeds. You’ll only attract unfulfilling relationships with partners who won’t take your love seriously, or with whom the attraction wanes over time.

If you’re not playing the game of cultivating the conditions for Healthy, Lasting Love, then not only will you not easily attract it, you will likely squander this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with your soulmate if you have the luck of finding him.

I personally spend time everyday nourishing my love life, even though I’m married with kids. It’s become even more vital, given that life is busy and overwhelming. I find that life’s greatest riches and abundance lies in meaningful relationships.

After all, winning in the game of Love is really where it’s all at!

3. You’re not following a holistic path to love. 

By the time I was 32, I had literally tried EVERYTHING under the sun to find my man. Dating strategies, flirting tips, online dating revamps, being confident and mysterious, etc.

What I didn’t realize was that to find my soulmate, the man with whom I resonated and connected with on every level – mental, spiritual, physical and emotional – I needed to be ready for this kind of relationship.

You see, I had a tendency of sabotaging my relationships and experienced the same painful dynamics play out, over and over. It was after my final breakup with a man I was engaged with, that I began a holistic Love Recovery journey. I could begin to understand where I was blocking myself from experiencing healthy love. As it turns out, my conditioning and woundedness were keeping me stuck in a rut, and I was attracting Emotionally Unavailable men. My relationship habits were poor and I struggled with my communication skills.

When I began this holistic process of finding love, I met my husband within 90 days later – a game-changer in my love life! This is a process that I now teach through my online course, coaching programs and book.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

When you begin to follow a holistic path of love, you clear away these old, hidden blocks and you start rewiring yourself for healthy love. You get your mind, body and spirit aligned with the kind of love that’s authentic and conscious.

You learn how to date from a place of mindfulness, joy and self-awareness.

You begin to shine in your inner radiance and feel confident in your own skin. You magnetize healthy love and abundance wherever you go (love is the path of miracles!).

Emotionally Available men begin to show up and you begin to actually enjoy the dating experience. When you’re in this state, and when you’re doing the work of Healthy Love, finding your soulmate is as inevitable as gravity. 

Your man will want to commit to you, because you are the kind of woman he’s been searching far and wide for in this insane world.

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