I’ve been in couples’ counseling with my husband these past few months. What started with some fear and trepidation about the potentials of disastrous conversations has turned into… pure magic. We actually look forward to these sessions, in which we share our deepest fears, our desires, and what’s blocking us from being open with one another. We walk out of the sessions holding hands and feeling even more connected than before, blissfully knowing that we’re on a great adventure together. 🙂
I feel SO incredibly grateful for my husband – he’s Mr. Emotionally Available – and in it to win it with my heart. In fact, many a time, I find him tearing down my walls and guardedness through his vulnerability and courage. What I’m most proud of is that we’re creating a solid emotional foundation for not only us, but for my 2 year old daughter and my little one in my tummy, and all our loved ones around us. We’re committed to emotional health, connection and happiness!
I desire the same for every woman reading this. I want YOU to find a partnership that is deeply emotionally connected and fulfilling – one that lifts you both higher, and higher.
And yet, I’ve been on the other side. Before I met Krishan, I kept meeting and dating men who were unavailable. I had my heart broken numerous times (I was always the one dumped!). They would get busy with work, withdraw, ghost, or ultimately find a reason to break up with me. It was a scary, lonely journey.
I remember this one time when I was sitting with my ex-fiancé on his sofa on a Sunday morning. While he was watching TV and reading the NY Times, ‘de-stressing from the week’, I was bubbling with SO much to ask him and say to him. I wondered, “What’s he thinking?? What fears or concerns does he have about our upcoming wedding? What does he think about us and me?” I felt like I was alone in the relationship, and I was daunted by the prospect of somehow trying to build a bridge to cross over to his heart. Our conversations never seemed to go beyond high level stuff, like our interests, activities, friends, and some dreams and aspirations. Whenever I would bring up anything serious, he would get uncomfortable or change the topic – or tell me everything was going to be ok.
Now, after working with hundreds of single (or attached, yet distressed) women, and through my own experience, I’ve seen that the number one issue that women face is feeling emotionally let down or hurt by men. I’ve seen these patterns:
– Men who ghost, even after 4 fantastic dates
– Men who remember their ex or show interest in other women (or go back on a dating website, even when they say they’re dating you!)
– Men who are narcissistic or emotionally abusive, and even stalk you
– Men who wine and dine you, and then once they get you, they become busy with other things
– Men who begin to withdraw after showing the first signs of commitment or becoming emotionally vulnerable
– Men who put their careers first or get busy with work 
– Men who play games
– Men who are still in your life, and want to get back together with you – yet once you do, withdraw or leave
It’s SO frikkin’ frustrating and painful! And yet, as women, we get into cycles of attracting these men into our lives, leading to hopelessness and heartbreak.
Dear one, has this happened to you? Or are you going through something like this too right now?
You don’t deserve this. You deserve WAY better – you deserve a man who KNOWS that he wants to be with you, and will move mountains to inch his way into your heart.
The good news is – you don’t need to settle anymore! If you are done with this heartbreaking pattern, there is a way out.
You can attract emotionally available men – and Mr. Right. 
I’ve seen it with myself, and hundreds of women through coaching and otherwise – who’ve met and married their soulmates – men who desire emotional connection. 
There is a secret to all of this. And I want to let you in on the secret.
The golden key lies within you. YOU are the emotional leader and love goddess that your man desperately wants to be with – but you may be blocking him! Or, he may already be in your life, but you’re pushing him away.
Since I truly do believe that you are the creator of your destiny, you may be ATTRACTING the wrong men in your field due to your subconscious or even conscious blocks.
In order to learn the Code for Attracting and Keeping Mr. Available, you need to discover (and truly understand) two things:
– Why you attract men who are emotionally unavailable (or abusive) – men who ghost, break up with you over and over or are narcissists.
– Why your man withdraws, and how to keep him hooked and wanting more emotional connection with you
Once you learn these two things, you can quickly shift the dynamics of your dating life to one of joy, ease and connection. You can bring your whole, unapologetic self, without having to diminish your light, and CREATE a lasting relationship that’s juicy and filled with emotional connection.
The power lies within you, dear Love Goddess!

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