Falling in love is a liberating and magical, and you grow so much in the process. Romance isn’t dead!

A beautiful friend of mine recently told me her story.

A little back story – just like me, she was also engaged to a man, but two weeks before their wedding, they ended it.

She went on a world tour (a ‘walkabout’ of sorts) – the backstreets of Indonesia, Bali, etc. She came back with a renewed sense of hope and peace of mind. She even attended my workshop in SF.

She decided to get back into the dating grind, and dated several men, each getting easier and smoother. Less dramatic. She didn’t feel pumped about any of them. But she did learn how to be kinder and more mindful while dating and ending relationships.

But then, over the summer, she decided to give dating a break, to focus on her friend’s weddings.

She was invited to a friend’s wedding, and decided to wear an ostentatious, poofy green ball gown. She was in a fun, openhearted mood.

There, she met a wonderful man. They danced and connected all night… and he asked her out on a date.

6 months have flown by like no other. Their romance has been sweet and enchanting. They have very little expectation except of mutual respect, trust and honesty. They’re best friends first. They’ve even met each others’ families, and resonate deeply on their values.

She followed the 5 Keys to Joyful Dating, without even realizing it.

I am genuinely happy for her!

I could relate, as I too, had an enchanting dating journey with Krishan – where we threw out all expectations, and focused on enjoying the present moment.

I am sharing my secrets in my upcoming workshop “Love Through Synchronicity: Attract Healthy & Joyful Relationships into Your Life” on March 24th in NYC.

So how can you bring back the romance into dating?

5 Tips to Enjoy the Dating Process


1. Stay focused on the present moment. 

Don’t overanalyze each date and whether he’s ‘the one’ (there are obviously some deal breakers, like addiction, etc). Moreover, bring your full presence to each date, and put away your phone (you can also request that of your date).


2. Date multiple men. 

The reason is that it takes you out of your head, and not focused on outcome; and you can actually just enjoy meeting men! It’s like networking and meeting new friends. A real partnership will be revealed over time (sometimes over several months), so there is no need to commit to a single person early on. Moreover, not everyone’s going to get ‘you’, and vice versa!


3. Feel free to be yourself.

However, coming from a place of self-love and self-acceptance (and freedom from pesky, self-critical thoughts!) – which will allow you to be your ‘true self’.


4. Enjoy the dates, and don’t take dating too personally.

Give people 2-3 chances. You can even invite men, treat them and plan fun things – even simple activities like walking in the park are great! Over time, you can see whether you feel ‘energized’ or ‘drained’ while you’re with him – this is a good test for ‘resonance’. Moreover, see if you resonate on deeper things, like values, vision and lifestyle preferences.


5. Clear your inner blocks

Your partner may already be in your life (friend of a friend, or online), but if your heart’s not open or you’re afraid of being vulnerable, you may not attract him! 


Please share this with your friends and beloved friends.


And I hope to see you in my upcoming workshop, where you will feel rejuvenated about your approach to dating. Even if you’ve come before, I encourage you to join again!

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