I need you to know something – especially as the weekend begins.
You are loved immensely, dearly. 

By everyone. Your parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, Mother Earth, all the people who bring you smiles, food, money, the entire universe. The whole cosmic chain to make your life happen – was created out of love for you. Even if peoples’ egos get in the way, at a soul essence, each person who knows you loves you dearly. Even your exes. 

You have a whole team of ‘invisible’ angels and spirit guides supporting you; walking your every step cheering you on. At all times, there are people out there, thinking of you – I mean it.

Your smile, your quirks, your mysterious ways… your desire for paving a path for others, your hard work, and even the times when you’re simply giggling, playing… or even being sad or grieving. 

You being you, is all that matters. And for that, you are loved.

Each gift you give, every time you pray, every phone call you make, showing up to places with your presence – or simply, just the act of gratitude – sends waves of pleasure to the world.

Each time you smile, sends ripples of love everywhere. God gets tickled, seeing you discover yourself, when you look at life with wonder and awe, or even disgust. 

You are loved and cherished for your thoughts, words and actions. You are a brave warrior, living in this real world – this planet – being you. Do you know how hard that is?

Moreover, you, as a woman, were born to love, deeply, profoundly.

God created you to love… and experience life through love. You can give birth to life, for that reason. You innately know how to nurture and sustain life.

You hold the keys to intimacy, unconditional love and sacredness of life.

Have you noticed how all little girls are attracted to words that say ‘Love’ on it? How amazing is that!

Your desire, as a grown woman, to love, and experience unconditional love – is natural.

It is not dishonorable, less-than or unworthy of attention. Just because our world today is focused on ‘getting ahead’ egoically, does not mean that your innate desire for healthy, happy relationships is wrong.

Your prioritization of love is actually correct – because that’s how life is supposed to be! We are supposed to be living in harmony, not warfare, destruction, greed and mind games!

Having that aspiration is damn worthy!

We’re living in a world that needs to remember how to love. As you’ve seen in the dating world, and at work, politics and everything else – many people are caught in the cycle of perverse incentives, disconnection and hurtful behavior.

So, don’t diminish your desires – and continue to be who you truly are at a soul level. A lover, a warrioress, a healer of hearts, a connector, sister, friend, colleague, mother. Your inner lover is your real you.

Someone who cares deeply about being love, and being in love. Spreading the message of love, and the sacredness of life.

I want to honor that in you; and hope you can see that in yourself and love yourself completely and totally.

May you find peace and joy by simply being you, today.

With love,



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