The goddess is sleeping inside each of us. As women, we are facing a major moral dilemma – we currently live in a society, job situation, family CIMG1868situation that we didn’t really, consciously, choose. I mean, really choose. We are in marriages that we don’t care about, ‘leaning in’ at work to keep our jobs and families on track; and are involved in self-distracting pleasures and emotional roller coasters.

Yesterday, an uncle of mine, and also an innovation incubator and leader at a business school, asked me about the next generation of women-led industries. What do women have, that can be competitive advantages, over men? What capabilities, besides having the biological ability to birth children, and look beautiful, do women have; that can be grown and sustained – and even drive greater income towards women?

I could see the general concern and compassion in his eyes, as he prodded me with these questions. What should business schools, and other higher studies programs, be investing in, as it relates to the economic emancipation of women?

This has been an intriguing question for me, for all of my life. Growing up with an abundant-mindset, which my parents always instilled in me, even if we shopped at the dollar store, or traveled through third class train in India, my dad always made sure that we never felt that we didn’t ‘have enough’. We always felt that there was just enough, for us to follow through with our dreams.

However, in college, and beyond, I decided to pursue degrees and jobs that would guarantee me an income after work. Should I be a doctor, engineer, business person, or lawyer? Perhaps this was the Indian mindset, to follow more a more traditional track – but it was also the pragmatic side of me, which knew that I could follow any track I wanted; but would I want to be struggling financially?

All of these professions, including healthcare, are male-dominated. And rightfully so – they are analytical, left-brained jobs; and require the understanding of systems, processes, money, and capitalism. These, in my mind, are currently as masculine-driven strengths.

Later, as my thoughts and ideas around what success was fell apart (healthy marriage, well-paid job), I began to question everything in life. What is the point of all of this – game playing, wanting to rise up in the corporate world, where being a woman had no real advantage? And not even following my passion… but what was my passion?

As I began to explore my spiritual side, and began meditating and delving into my own suffering, I discovered many hidden truths. I had a deep, violent, aching side of me, that wanted to devour the planet, and all of the suffering in the world, created by bondage of a rigid belief system. Of slavery, created and perpetrated by both men and women, on themselves, and each other.

I had done a lot of wrong things in my own life – hurt people, misunderstood myself and others – and I had limited capacity for compassion for myself and others. I did work in economic development, raised money for non-profits in war-afflicted zones, ran a homeless shelter drive  – because I felt sorry, even helpless at the human suffering I saw all around me. I decided to go back to business school, to see if I could gain a strategic viewpoint and advantage, in solving the world’s problems. Would helping myself, and others, rise economically and socially, help? How do we create sustainable solutions?

Over time, I began to continue to heal (with a psychic healer), meditate, learn about ancient teachings around forgiveness, compassion – and I delved into metaphysics and Quantum physics – quantum entanglement, consciousness planes. I began to explore my psychic side; became an energy healer, and an community organizer, to offer the meditation raft to people drifting along their journeys. To continue to empower myself, I became a yoga instructor – and the studies still continue.

Throughout this journey, I saw a shift in my being. When I first started, the left side of my body was numb – my feminine side. I felt soulless, famished, masculine. I had become a master manipulator, negotiating my way to a higher salary, fighting off competitors in the workplace, and using my feminine charms to run projects and teams, find mentors, partners and a potential husband.

This wasn’t my true self – and yet, I didn’t know what was my true self. I felt inauthentic, and integrity had left my life, during college. I was self-conscious about how I looked, how I was perceived; and was my biggest critic – feeling that I was falling behind in every realm – mainly career and family. I had no real interests, outside of proving that I, or any woman, could be as successful as a man – maybe even more.

As I worked with my healer to dig through my dirt, achieve monumental amounts of self-compassion and self-love, I found my capacity begin to increase, for myself and others. Finding the ‘truth’ became my passion – this was my path to empowerment – and hopefully, for others.

Personal truth #1: I didn’t really know what I needed or wanted

To know that the current system doesn’t work for me, was clear. But what’s the point of whining about income inequality, or unfairness with the maternity leave system, or the glass ceiling, if I couldn’t define what I really wanted? This took some time to uncover – I was like an unpolished stone, with mud all over it. I had to chisel away the muck, slowly, purifying it with intense alchemical fire of compassion, and unearth this gem inside of me. What I really wanted, at the time, was more time and space, to do what I needed – to heal, to grow, to meditate. To feel energized and excited about what I do. We all want this, and yet, I needed the time to figure it out. Lo and behold! The Hurricane Sandy happened soon after, and I had 4-5 months of complete freedom, with having flexible hours. I began to do yoga, hang out with my new beau, write, meditate, travel, and more! I learned how to ask for guidance, and assistance, from not only my higher self, but people at work, or in my personal life. I began to write out what my needs and desires were, and over time, they would begin to manifest.

Personal truth #2: I hadn’t ever really loved myself

As a woman, I felt entitled in certain ways, to be treated well by men and society at large. but how was I really treating myself? I used cheap tricks, like flattery, being extremely busy, superficial forgiveness, feigned ignorance, or avoidance, to keep myself loved, just enough. But I hadn’t fully accepted myself, on deep layers.

Once I started the path of self-realization, on deeper layers, and shining light on examining resentments, past experiences, my relationships with different people, and meeting my sub-conscious and mind head on, I began to forgive myself and find acceptance at deep levels, that allowed me to feel human again. i could see that all of humanity experiences pain and suffering, and my viewpoints on the world began to expand. I attracted my (current) fiance, at this stage, as I began to emanate with self-confidence, a fresh je ne sais quoiattitude about life. At work, I found out what I really wanted – a steady paycheck, a compassionate team and interesting work, as I fund my inner journey and entrepreneurial ideas.

The self-love and acceptance gave me a greater sense of freedom, which formed the basis for my emancipation.

Personal truth #3: Life is much easier than we all think it is

When I started to flow more with life, I saw synchronous and beautiful things happen all around me. Friends I was just thinking about calling me. People showing up to support me, like cheerleaders by the sidelines, as I’m running the marathon. My romantic relationship flowing like water. Issues at work getting resolved more easily. Entrepreneurial ideas popping up, and also, ideas for partnership, and doing new and interesting things, such as enjoyable forms of service, being presented to me.

As a woman, this is an important aspect, of stepping into our power. Once we reach a state of flow, and accessing higher levels of consciousness and intuition, we are able to make wiser decisions, which impact not only ourselves, but for the greater good. The path clears up for us to do our work – and also, the obstacles that show up, only make us stronger. I find now that my toughest critic and saboteur is my mind, and also my sub-conscious behavior. Having a strong coach, healer and mentor, has allowed me to side step so many pitfalls that my mind had created; and I’ve gained so much wisdom on the way the human mind works. To have mastery over my mind, is a journey of a lifetime.

The key is to begin to drop into your heart and even your womb – this is the source of great wisdom, power and healing. Pre-cognition, will-power, psychic powers, co-creation, courage – all stem from the place of no-mind – and they key way to get around it is when we focus our attention on our breath, our heart and gut.

When we follow our passions, which come from our heart, and co-creative urges from our women, we can make magic happen.

Personal truth #4: I have Goddess super-powers, which were dormant

In some cultures, powerful women have shown up as priestesses, shamanic healers, alchemists, midwifes, monarchs, story-tellers, etc. These are all powerful archetypes for us to study right now  – we are able to heal, inspire, serve hundreds of people, if not more, including ourselves.

We recognize that the current economic, political, legal structures are flawed, in that they don’t embed compassion and kindness as a fundamental basis. They are based on individualism and scarcity, and are based on using more, not less, of finite resources in the world. We, as women, sub-consciously know that the industries we are serving are threatening the lives of our future generations. Most of us feel paralyzed, and focus on survival; and satiate ourselves with pre-programmed stories on success, and loads of reality TV.

What are women’s’ divine qualities, which can be awakened? Some, of them include compassion, kindness, coherence, understanding of complex systems, intuition, consciousness, being able to birth children and new ideas and paradigms, inspiring ourselves and others, inquisitiveness, a strong desire for growth and contribution, nurturing ideas, innovation, designing beautiful things, planning and organizing, connecting ideas and people, healing deep emotional and mental issues – amongst many others. Some of our more spiritual, yet powerful, abilities are deep meditation, power of the spoken word (such as prayer) and manifestation, spiritual healing, energetic transmutation. These are the few that I have seen, and they can become more magnified and used in almost any business or life circumstance.

According to esoteric wisdom, such as from Ancient Egypt, Taoism and Tantra, women also have the unique powers to awaken divinity and consciousness in men; we also have the power to manifest and create anything, through our ‘womb-power’. We are deeply connected with Mother Earth, and can tap into her wisdom and energies. There is much more around this, including the balancing of the Yin and Yang, both in men and women, and currently, in the world; that women have the power to lead in.

What women need to be powerful

  • Self-love, acceptance, forgiveness
  • Transformational coaching, healing, mentoring from men and women, emanating the divine feminine and sacred masculine – to break through belief systems and emotional, physical, mental, spiritual blocks
  • More time and space, to allow their dreams and imagination to run wild
  • Feeling of abundance and security, to allow their skills and passions to marinate and grow
  • Clarity, courage and compassion – the 3 Cs of the Peaceful Warrior
  • Conscious communications and conflict resolution skills – and knowledge on how to speak up for their needs and truths
  • Wisdom circles – communities of wise women (and men)
  • Open up to the powers of surrender, grace, receptiveness – many women have forgotten these skills, which energetically open her up to manifesting more abundance and joy
  • Reprogramming our relationship with money – overcoming fears around it, of not ‘being good enough’, amongst other generational programs. Developing a sacred trust and respect with money, and seeing it as a force for good
  • We must invest in ourselves, and put our money where our heart is. It doesn’t need to be what ‘society’ thinks is good – this should come from our own wisdom

Which industries/careers would make women more successful?

This is a chicken and egg question. The reality is that women are more successful in careers, in which they have a strong sense of purpose – and they feel ‘whole’. If they’re torn between caring for their children, and a demanding career, they will feel conflicted, and vested in neither. Ideally, we need to shift the paradigm, to allow women (and men) to operate with more passion, energy and freedom.

On an industry-level, I see many women going into health (including alternative medicine), spiritual counseling and healing, yoga, finance, journalism, economic development, engineering – the whole spectrum.

When we bring in the power of Empathy/Emotional Intelligence, Compassion, Coherence, Wisdom, Intuition, Motivation and Inspiration, into our new structures, we will be generating new business models that will allow us to take a quantum leap from where we are today – which are sustainable, ‘whole’ and passion-based, rather than duty-based.

Entrepreneurship will play a key component for women, as many of us have passions outside of the current ‘system’, that will allow us to feel more whole and integrated with the magic of everyday life – and feel more natural. Ideally, our new jobs would allow for our needs for Passion, Purpose and Progress to be met.

New industries that would leverage the Goddess energies well:

  • New forms of finance, integrated with nature, sustainability and sacred economics
  • Community development
  • Coaching
  • Spiritual healing and counseling
  • Holistic healthcare, including yoga
  • Beauty, design, art, architecture
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Compassion-based education systems
  • Evolutionary political systems
  • Social justice reformation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Post-conflict resolution
  • Compassion and new forms of growth-based business models
  • Writing, music, healing through the arts
  • Social media
  • Empathy-based product design
  • 3-D printing
  • Sacred Leadership and team-building training


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