How to Start a Heart-Based Business - Interview with Sarika Jain

SARIKA Jain, is a Love Coach for smart, successful women who want it all – career, love, family and personal fulfillment.

Sarika is passionate about the role of self-love, healing and reconnecting with our feminine selves, in order to create deeply connected relationships. One of her superpowers is in helping women heal their hearts and close their ‘Ex Files’, so they can truly be ready for ‘the one’.

A ‘go-getter’ woman herself, Sarika left the corporate world to use her business strategy skills to support women where it matters most – in their love lives. She leverages her personal experience, in which she experienced a devastating heartbreak, through which she went through disillusionment and heartache. This led to a spiritual awakening and a profound healing journey. Three months after her breakup – she met her future husband in her meditation group!

Known as a word wizard who helps people create Rockstar dating profiles, and a ‘remover of obstacles’ in the way of love, Sarika’s clients describe her as “a relationship sorceress” and “Love Magnet” who can whip up a soulmate in as short a time as a week!

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