Do you struggle with staying happy, present and joyful while dating? 

Or are you afraid to even get out there and start?? 

Or maybe you’re dating someone now, and find it challenging to find joy – instead you feel anxious and exhausted?

You, girlfriend, are at the right place in your dating life to turn it all around. Being happy and joyful is your birthright, but I know from firsthand experience that dating can sometimes suck it all away. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m sharing an exciting new podcast recording where I was featured as a guest on First Date Stories on the topic “How to Find Joy While Dating“.

In this juicy, life-changing interview I share:

+ My own story of going from a broken engagement to finding my soulmate in a healthy, joyful way (in 90 days!)

+ 5 Keys to being a joyful dater (bonus: if you do these things, you’re likely to find more peace and fulfillment in your life – in general)

+ 3 Mistakes smart, successful women make in love (and how to avoid them)

+ How to shift your intention around dating to make it about self-awareness and self love (and why that’s so incredibly sexy to men AND effective in keeping him turned on) 

This podcast recording is entertaining and informative as hell! You can listen to it on the go, wherever you are 🙂

>> You can listen to the interview here.

Remember, dear one, you’re not alone – and that millions (if not billions) of women before you have found love without losing their sanity – and so will you! Having a resource like First Date Stories and interviews like this at hand will make you feel so much better equipped and supported in your dating journey. 

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