The more I do my Love & Relationship coaching work, and the more Krishan and I go deeper into our relationship, the more I am convinced that in this lifetime – in this present moment – check it out…

… we’re destined to meet our Soulmate, if we really, truly want it. Yes!

A client recently wrote a Medium article about her experience in healing her heart from a disastrous relationship and meeting her dream man online just six months later – can I get a “what what??” – imagine me dancing on tables!-  🙂

The ecstasy, ease and joy that one feels when they are with their soulmate cannot even be described. When you’re with this person, you feel massive heart opening, an outpouring of love and knowing that anything is possible.

But what is a Soulmate, and why is it important to understand, in today’s context of dating feeling even more challenging, and many marriages ending at a 50% divorce rate?

Let’s go through some definitions:

Twin Flame: Someone who turns you on to the nth degree, triggers you on every level, and maybe experience some drama with. Someone you feel an almost instant connection with and experience some of the most intense desire you’ve ever felt. You’re sure he’s the one almost instantly.

If you can handle that intensity, then perhaps this person may be your soulmate… but, more often than not, this kind of relationship ends in deep heartbreak.

… But don’t let this ending bring you down – this is your opportunity to experience deep healing and heart opening – and meeting ‘the one’ – your Soulmate.

– Husband/Spouse: Someone who you partner with and run a household. The relationship could be filled with a lot of safety and stability and you share mutual interests. You may even be satisfied with traveling, working on your careers, creating a beautiful home and raising kids together.

You’re vulnerable with each other, but just enough to not rock the boat. If there’s a trigger, argument or spark for going deeper in intimacy or doing some more inner work, one or both of you panic – and either settle for staying ‘steady’ and ignore the problem. Or perhaps watch the intimacy disintegrate. Many couples go to marriage counselors to work through their issues – and of course, I would highly recommend this.

– Soulmate: This person is one you connect with on every level – spiritual, emotional, mental, physical. You resonate on similar values, and have similar visions for your life. The path to meeting your partner could be filled with synchronicity – it’s a path of heart opening and miracles.

Most importantly, you’re both willing to do the inner work to keep your connection strong, passionate yet vulnerable – and allow each of the triggers that the relationship brings up to be a compass in your own healing – so you can be a better partner and human being. During this process, you learn new skills in communication, healing, empathy, intimacy, conflict resolution and so much more.

The relationship becomes a container for healing, harmony and reconciliation. I consider this to be true Life Partnership – one that can stand the test of time, even through different evolutions. 

According to the Imago theory developed by Harville and Helen Hendrix, we are attract partners who bring up unprocessed wounds from our childhood, due to a compulsive need for our subconscious to heal from the trauma. You see this in the relationship patterns that keep showing up in your life. [You can only imagine the children that grow up in a household where both partners are triggering each other and arguing or cold-shouldering half the time (part of the reason why I am passionate about this work!).]

To attract your Soulmate, first you need to do your inner work so that:

a) You release all self-sabotaging obstacles (kind of like Mario jumping through all the obstacles and finally slaying the dragon, to win the heart of his princess)

b) You’re truly open to love and are resonating at the same frequency as your beloved. When this is the case, you meet your Soulmate much more easily.

I find that this is the reason why so many women are struggling in love – seeing the same heartbreaking, painful patterns over and over –

Secretly, inside, you are blocking yourself from this all-powerful Soulmate connection by avoiding connecting with yourself at a deep, intimate, powerful level, and releasing your inner blocks.

What saddens me most is how many women are willing to settle for less in their love life – when so much is possible in today’s world of healing and relationship technologies!

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This process will a) Reduce your time and heartache to finding true love, and b) Increase your chances at creating a relationship that LASTS.

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