If you’re a wise, successful woman leader who’s ready to attract a soulmate who shares the same values, dreams and sense of purpose, it’s time to…

  • Stop dating emotionally unavailable men who will never give you the commitment and partnership you deserve

  • Let go of the past and surrender to the wonder and beauty of new possibilities

  • Start trusting and loving yourself to activate your inner radiance, intuition and irresistible feminine magnetism 

Relationships play a huge role in our lives, so when things aren’t turning out the way you planned, investing in expert guidance will support you to feel empowered, confident and ready to attract your perfect match and nurture the relationship you’ve dreamed of your whole life.

Whether you’re single and looking for love, recovering from a painful break-up or desiring a deeper level of commitment, intimacy and playfulness in your current relationship, we offer a unique, personalized coaching experience to help you get out of your own way and begin creating the perfect conditions for attracting deep, meaningful love with an emotionally available partner.


Are you ready to feel confident, powerful, sexy and magnetic to a man who will honor, respect and cherish all that you are?

Once upon a time, in my life as a single 30-something woman in NYC…


I spent so much time frustrated with men who played games, communicated poorly or wouldn’t commit. It was hard to understand why my career and friendships were thriving, abundant and joyful, yet I felt a million miles away from being settled and happy in a loving, intimate soulmate relationship.


I was done with pointless dates and giving away far too much of my loving, vibrant, nurturing energy with nothing in return.


I craved deep and meaningful love with a man who cherished and adored me and wanted to wake up next to me every single day. I wanted a juicy, exciting, passionate relationship with a strong, masculine man who shared the same family values and aspirations.


I was SO over going to family gatherings or events by myself and having to endure endless questioning from well-meaning older relatives about my relationship status!


I desired to feel loved, safe, powerful and sexy in a relationship based on a solid foundation of communication, respect and love.


I knew that I deserved way more and my soul wasn’t willing to settle for less.


And honestly beautiful one, you deserve so much more too! (And you know it)

Hi, I’m Sarika.

My journey of seeking answers to life’s deepest questions about love has been an unconventional one. As a child, I thought I’d learnt the secrets to love in the pages of women’s magazines, and as an adult I thought I had success all figured out by juggling hundreds of first dates with a busy career on Wall Street.

And then out of nowhere, just as I thought I’d found my happy-ever-after, life threw me a curve ball! My fiancé broke off our engagement just weeks after he’d proposed and I was heartbroken, lost and felt like I’d hit rock bottom.

In my heartbreak, a chance encounter with a chain-smoking Romanian gypsy psychic and a Vietnamese Buddhist monk opened my eyes to the real meaning of true love. My transformational journey had been given a kickstart and within 90 days I’d met my soulmate who later became my husband and father to our amazing three daughters. We celebrated our union in a dream wedding under the Bodhi tree in India.

I couldn’t be happier to have found a man who is strong, masculine, loving, my number one supporter and someone who makes me laugh every day. 

Given that I was so used to being a magnet for heartbreak, I didn’t think this was possible for me. I realized that because of my subconscious self-limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns, I was attracting the same painful relationship patterns, over and over. My dating life felt like groundhogs day. The only way out was through transforming my beliefs and learning new and empowering relationship skills.

I knew that I wasn’t the only woman to have been through these struggles, so I made it my mission to share my wealth of knowledge and experience in the practical and psychological aspects of love, dating and relationships with women just like you who are craving incredible, long-lasting soulmate love.

Leveraging my computer science engineering and Wharton MBA background, I reverse-engineered my journey and began coaching other professional women in manifesting their own dream relationships. I’ve now spent the last fifteen years coaching smart, hard-working women to find fulfillment in their lives, meet their soulmates and enjoy the kind of relationship they always knew they were meant for.

I created the Soulmate Plan method to guide every woman to become a magnet for self-love, close their ‘ex files’ and prepare for healthy, long-lasting soulmate love.

Trust me when I say ‘anything is possible!’.

through Sarika Jain coaching, you can fast-track your journey to manifesting your soulmate and turn your dream relationship visualizations into reality.

you will… 


checkmark-30Embrace your unique, irresistible, sensual feminine power and step into your innate magnetism


checkmark-30Master the art of dating High Quality men and gain an understanding of male psychology


checkmark-30Learn to truly love yourself fully and let go of self-judgement and self-sabotaging patterns


checkmark-30Learn incredible skills (that you wish you’d been taught at school!) to attract and build your dream soulmate relationship and become a Master in all your relationships at home and work


checkmark-30Unlock your unique Love Code and release your hidden blocks to love 


“This coaching process is opening up all destiny paths in my life. My gifts are getting stronger and doors are being opened that I couldn’t have even imagined.  All areas of my life are becoming positive and I feel in control. I also met a man two months into working with Sarika, and fell deeply in love.  It is very helpful to have Sarika to help guide me through this relationship, as I have not been able to manifest a real relationship for sixteen years prior to meeting this man.”

– Laura Anne

“Thanks to Sarika, I met and married a man who blows my mind – there is no way I could have been ready for a relationship like this! I have never received love like this before – for someone to want to give, genuinely – just because he thinks I’m beautiful, kind and deserving! I can now accept his love with with grace. I can even catch my blocks, and I’m like a new person in this relationship… I’m so grateful to her for helping me step into my most authentic, feminine, loving self!”

Nancy B, Psychologist

Are you ready to give true love a chance?

Make way for the extraordinary relationship you deserve.


  • Visionary women leaders who dream of having it all – passion, purpose and partnership (and aren’t afraid to admit it!)
  • Women who are ready for deeper intimacy and more fulfillment in their relationships and who want to build healthy foundations to attract an extraordinary soulmate partnership
  • Women who are committed to taking action and doing the work so they can set themselves up for long-term success

If you’re ready to magnetically attract extraordinary love, I invite you to take the biggest leap of your life…

Here’s what’s included in our 1-1 Coaching:

  • One on One Calls

Depending on your personal package, you’ll receive one, two or three 60-minute one-on-one transformational coaching sessions per month.

  • Step-by-step Dating Plan & Irresistible Dating Profile

We’ll help you design the perfect anxiety-free dating plan (online and in-person) that maximizes your time and energy. We’ll also help you amp up your profile so that it’s radiating with your innate magnetism and soul essence. Mindfulness, joy and self-compassion will form the bedrock for your dating experience.

  • Access to Resources

We have a collection of meditations, exercises, rituals, action sheets and additional trainings to take away the overwhelm and give you clear action steps that support and guide your growth.

  • Email/Phone Support

You’ll receive ongoing support via email or telephone with your coach throughout your journey together. This can take many forms including questions, challenges, online dating profile review or journaling prompts.

  • Energetic Support

Every coaching client has a unique background and will benefit from a personalized coaching journey with us along with emotional, mental and spiritual support as required. Together, we find the tools, tips and techniques that will bring you the most beneficial transformation to help you achieve your love and relationship goals.

Plus, You’ll Get Access to These Exclusive Bonuses (valued at $3,997)

  • Access to Sacred Soulmate System online course
  • Exclusive teachings, recordings and ebooks on dating, relationships, healing, sexuality, the Divine Feminine and understanding men’s psychology
  • Membership to the Radiant Love Sangha, a monthly mindfulness gathering reserved exclusively for clients to raise your vibration and answer any additional questions you may have.

Isn’t it time to break free of all your shackles and step into the magnetic, radiant, irresistible woman that you are meant to be… a true Magnet for Love?


All coaches and therapists in the Sarika Jain Coaching team have personally trained with Sarika and can assist you in following through with your own Soulmate Plan and creating the life and relationship of your dreams.


Nikól is our Evolutionary Love guruAs a former NYC Rockette and marrying her college sweetheart, she thought her life was perfect. That is, until her 15 year marriage began to crumble. After her divorce, as a 30-something woman, she had never dated and was terrified. It was through Sarika’s Soulmate Plan program that Nikól was able to not only become an expert at dating and feel confident and at ease, but attract in several men and ignite her sexual feminine turn on. This foundational and sacred work magnetized her husband, a man who has exceeded every expectation and been a true co-creator in a loving home for several years now.

As a Professional Certified Coach, Zen meditation practitioner and a long-time student of all things love-related, including Nonviolent Communication, she’s committed to not only taking her own marriage higher, but also support other women to do the same. Nikól deeply understands the journey from heartbreak to life affirming partnership, because she lived it. She will guide you in stepping into your most powerful and loving self, learn how to date and communicate with men with confidence, and turn your budding relationship into a lasting one.


Nancy is a Dating Coach and Clinical Psychologist, all in one. She is passionate about facilitating change and transformation to help people become the best versions of themselves, including releasing baggage that no longer serves them.

Prior to meeting her soulmate, she immersed herself in Sarika’s Soulmate Plan program which helped her navigate the ending of a painful marriage and move into a healthy, soulful one.

In addition to guiding people in love and mental well-being, she helps people navigate and write their online dating profiles. She knows the online dating world, has lived it (as a single mom with a young son) and eventually found her way into a successful, loving relationship and re-marriage with a sexy, spiritual man. She comes with all these experiences to help you discover the most authentic version of yourself, attract the right people, and more fully enjoy the journey of finding ‘The One’ through the Dream Relationship model.

Note: As a Dream Relationship therapist, Nancy will not be doing psychological intervention, rather she will take on the role of guide and space holder for your journey.


Mae is our Find True Love virtuoso. Mae empowers women to break through their inner blocks and discover how to live and love from their authentic self. She facilitates heart-centered personal growth through building a strong emotional, mental, and spiritual foundation. When her clients learn to trust and be themselves, they gain true confidence in dating and relationships and will naturally attract their soulmate.

Mae went through her own transformation during Sarika’s Soulmate Plan program. After experiencing heartbreak, she learned how to love again, starting with herself. Soon after, she met and fell in love with her now-husband. Coming from two different cultural backgrounds, they share an inter-faith, yet deeply spiritual and connected marriage. 

As a trained life coach and Positive Intelligence expert, Mae’s coaching is informed by neuroscience, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and her training as an occupational therapist. Whether you are recovering from a broken relationship or are seeking your soulmate, Mae will guide you in creating the extraordinary and passionate life your soul knows you deserve.


Surabhi is a relationship coach and mental health therapist. She is a master in in helping you release your limiting beliefs and step into your most empowered, radiant self.

Surabhi’s journey of love has been of learning to truly trust herself and embrace her empathic and sensitive spirit. As a successful real estate executive in India, she found herself struggling from undiagnosed chronic health issues which impacted her love life. Digging deeper, she discovered that she still had unhealed trauma from childhood abuse. After healing from it, her life began to thrive. Inspired by her journey, Surabhi made a remarkable sharp pivot to becoming a mental health specialist in America. However, love and romance still felt impossible and she kept attracting non-committal men. Through Sarika’s Soulmate Plan program, she experienced a breakthrough and met and married her soulmate within a year at the ripe age of 41.

Surabhi combines mindfulness, divine feminine spirituality and modern psychology in her coaching. With an open heart, and an intention to support you in finding the love you deeply desire, Surabhi invites you to dating and loving from a place of deep intuition and magnetism.

Sarika’s approach was helpful in keeping me out of bad dating habits including choosing wrong men, and learning how to date effectively. 

Having been through the ups and downs herself of the entire spectrum of the dating process, Sarika provides an invaluable perspective. This, coupled with her empathy and strong communication skills, make her a fantastic coach.

Smita K.

I decided to get private coaching when we started seriously dating as I could see how I was potentially sabotaging my relationship. Working with Sarika has released my blocks and opened me to being in a fulfilling relationship with the man of my dreams. 

Sunaina C, NYC

Professor of Marketing

Being coached by in love has been one of the best investments I have made in my life. Sarika worked with me to make peace with my past so I could fully open heart to the new love in my life. 
Sarika truly wants what’s best for you and is unconditionally supportive of your unique journey. She is honest, real, and 110% committed to your personal growth and transformation. I highly recommend working with Sarika because she deeply understands what modern women are looking for in life and love and how to create and manifest it. 
Maya Y, Baltimore


Are you eager to realize your true potential as a woman and experience unparalleled fulfillment and satisfaction in your intimate relationships?discover if private coaching is for you.


In just a few months you could be celebrating incredible mindset shifts, relationship transformation and dating successes!


Imagine yourself in six months’ time…

checkmark-30You are dating and loving with unshakable confidence and are a powerful magnetic force to attract healthy relationships with emotionally available men. You may even have met ‘The One’!

checkmark-30You’re undeniably clear on what you want, need and deserve in a relationship and believe on every level that you are worthy of extraordinary love.

checkmark-30 You’ve built a strong inner foundation of self-love on every level – spiritual, mental, physical, emotional – from which to cultivate the loving partnership and family of your dreams.

checkmark-30You’ve fallen in love with yourself and are free of all those pesky thoughts of self-doubt and judgement.

checkmark-30You’ve developed an irresistible sense of happiness and excitement about life’s infinite possibilities. (And an old flame may even reappear and want to rekindle your love!)

checkmark-30You’ve learnt how to take charge of your emotions, communicate with confidence and compassion and feel comfortable and safe developing an honest, intimate relationship with ‘The One’ that keeps him wanting more!

checkmark-30You feel beautiful, feminine, sexy and radiant inside and out.


What is the Sarika Jain Coaching Model?

Men and women actually want the same things: great connection, a healthy relationship, a fulfilling sex life and a desire to feel supported, respected, valued, loved and understood.

But despite these shared goals for a healthy long-term relationship, many of us still end up stuck for years in destructive patterns of self-sabotage in relationships that are unfulfilling, disappointing and stressful.

Our 1-1 Dating, Love and Relationship Coaching is tailored to suit your unique circumstances and goals. Using the Love Mastery framework, we will demystify the dating game, support you in navigating new relationships and guide you to feeling empowered, confident and vibrant.

Our Soulmate Plan method (as shared in Sarika’s book, The 90-Day Soulmate Plan) will help you to tackle your dating issues, meet quality partners with high emotional intelligence, and deepen intimacy and communication in your romantic relationships.

Clients are guided through the 5 Pillars of the Soulmate Plan method:

1. Be a Love Magnet through Self Love: Become deeply connected with your emotions and personal truth, and learn the art of loving yourself and others in an authentic way

2. Heal Your Heart & Close Your Ex Files: Clear your inner blocks and belief systems, and heal sabotage patterns in your relationships including clearing baggage from the past

3. Step into Your Wow! Factor: Discover what makes you unique and irresistible. Create a life that’s attractive, passionate and joyful – and turns you on as a woman

4. Prepare for Healthy, Lasting Love: Develop beautiful relationship habits and rituals. Create space for loving relationships in your life, and learn key relationship and communication skills to foster deeper connection and understanding 

5. Date & Love with Confidence: Cultivate a happy and healthy dating/relationship mindset, and take actions to bring love into your life. Learn skills to date effectively, online and offline, and build a strong foundation for your relationship

We use cutting edge tools to break through relationship patterns and create new habits and skills in dating and love. We listen deeply, looking for underlying patterns and information.

The Sarika Jain Coaching container is a high-touch, transformational experience that supports you in developing your love skills so that you can date mindfully and enter into committed relationships in a conscious, joyful way.


Why Sarika Jain Coaching?

Let’s talk about why the 1:1 coaching experience is the key to achieving your success a whole lot faster than what you have been doing…


Imagine having your very own angel and on-call mentor, who is as dedicated and invested in your success – as you are!

When you hire one of us as your coach, you’re working with someone who has been there and knows how lonely and frustrating dating can be. We believe in your full potential as an individual and as a high-achieving woman who wants to be successful in every part of your life. We see aspects of your unique soul characteristics and special gifts and help you to believe in yourself and shine your radiant light.

Remember: There is no ‘perfect woman’ box that you have to fit into!

Being single can sometimes feel disempowering, disheartening and humiliating, but with the right support you can shift your mindset, stop wasting your time and boost your self-confidence, self-belief and self-love.

You can count on us to be intimately involved in your journey – from guiding you through your self-sabotaging blocks and fears, to helping you create your online dating profile, answering your burning questions between dates and supporting you with what to tell parents and friends.


‘Where attention goes, energy flows.’

As coaches, we partner with you to focus on the most important part of your life right now – your dating and relationships – in a holistic, grounding and profoundly compassionate way.

When you’re stuck in ‘overanalyzing’ mode and your body is stressed, you can’t truly be in your feminine because you’re paralyzed by indecision and confusion, or you simply withdraw and become avoidant.

When we work together, you can simply let go and surrender. All you need to do is follow our expert guidance and focus on being happy which will reconnect you with your feminine, pleasure-filled energy. You will begin to feel magnetic and your dating experience will reflect this.

(Side note: It’s been interesting to see several clients improve their mental wellbeing so much that they were able to stop taking anxiety medications after beginning to work with us!)


“Love is what we’re born with. Fear is what we learned here.” – Marianne Williamson

In school, we’re never taught about dating, attraction or how to be in loving, committed relationships. Strategy is fine for the short term, however, given life’s curve balls, what really makes a difference is having highly valuable social skills, which can be leveraged over a lifetime.

In our coaching programs, you will acquire the right skills quickly to be able to excel in dating in a healthy, joyful way.

As coaches, we generously share from our ever-expanding knowledge base to help you learn skills in effective communication, dating, relationships, sexuality, intimacy, healing, love psychology and so much more.


“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” – Dr Bruce H. Lipton

When you love yourself completely, believe in your self-worth, and have TOTAL CONFIDENCE, then there is no doubt that you will attract your life partner.

When you work with us you will begin to fall in love with yourself as you gently release your inner barriers to attracting and receiving healthy love. You will create a healthy spiritual, emotional, mental and physical foundation that will benefit every part of your life, and last you a lifetime.

By upgrading your mindset and changing your outlook, you will create new love possibilities that didn’t even exist before.


Given the challenges of dating as a modern woman, we will never allow you to give up on your dream.

By having an accountability partner and expert guide, you will make progress in your love life – it’s as certain as gravity! You’ll get exactly the support you need at the perfect moment.

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing, so having a guide in the trenches with you, shining light 10 feet ahead as you continue plowing through – and ultimately reach your destination – is priceless!

How much does this cost?

We understand that clients have different needs based on their finances and goals.

What makes us unique is that we offer two models for transformation designed to suit the smart, successful woman on her quest for love and relationship fulfillment and mastery. Our coaches and therapists are well-versed with the Love Mastery framework and will guide you through the process while supporting you in dating/relationship skills.


What if there's something wrong with me? What if this doesn't work for me?

With all our heart, we believe finding REAL, Lasting Love is highly possible for you. Here’s why.

First, here’s the truth: Your partner is seeking you, just as you are seeking him. You might be thinking dating is simply a numbers game and you may get lucky – it isn’t. In fact, there is a man (or many!) who really wants to be with YOU. Who wants to pleasure you, serve your relationship, build a beautiful life and family with you. Who’s willing to free himself from his own shackles around his heart to find you. You have to get out of your own way and allow for this love to enter your life. 

Second, you need to know that as a woman, you are the Emotional Leader in your relationship with men.

While it may seem like a man’s world, when it comes to matters of the heart and women, men are vulnerable. They have no clue what to do in a relationship because they didn’t grow up talking about love and relationships (like you did), nor are they wired that way. I personally see this as empowering and sexy! Here’s where the magic happens: When you model healthy relationship behavior and communication, in due course, men will follow suit and begin to mirror it back to you.

Third, the universe is actually conspiring for your love life to succeed.

You are completely and wholly supported in your desire to experience healthy relationships and create a loving world for yourself.

All you have to do is learn to get out of your own way; un-learn and re-learn how to magnetize and create healthy, expansive, lasting love.

Dating, relationship and communication skills aren’t taught in school, but they’re vital skills that can give you an advantage in all areas of your life and support you in dating in a healthy way to create the dream relationship you crave.

The Law of Attraction really does work – and since the world is your mirror, a reflection of all you are, the moment you begin to align with your most joyful, loving self, you immediately begin to attract the people and partnerships that are healthy and absolutely right for you.

Having a personal coach and mentor to guide you through the dating labyrinth and navigate your romantic relationships is one of the greatest forms of self-love.

Are there any other benefits to coaching?

Here are the areas in which we can offer you the most help and support:

Clear your inner blocks 

What we resist, persists. Gain peace of mind and a sense of inner freedom by learning from your past and allowing the truth to set you free. Release your emotional baggage, close your ‘Ex Files’ and learn techniques to make self-doubt and judgement disappear.


Step-By-Step Dating Plan 

Get ready for the ride of your life! You’ll learn how to get the love you truly desire without the struggle and the heartache. Stop wasting time with the wrong men, learn the ‘4 Keys to Healthy Dating’ and create a personalized dating strategy to maximize your experience and ensure you’re getting a return on your time and energy.


Irresistible Online Profile + Proven Dating Process

Create a dazzling dating profile that truly represents who you are and engages the right kind of men. Communicate with men online in an empowered feminine way that catches their attention and lets them pursue you. Learn a step-by-step process for creating chemistry with the right men online and filtering out the guys who aren’t serious.


Embrace your ‘Wow Factor’

Fall in love with being YOU and regain your mojo and passion for life. Align your lifestyle to your desired vision, uncover your unique purpose and gifts and become an inspiration to others and yourself by creating an energetically and emotionally uplifting lifestyle using the Align Your Life to Extraordinary Love Blueprint.


Understanding Men

 Learn what men want and need in a relationship, how to communicate to build emotional connection, safety and trust and how to decipher men’s actions and words. You’ll learn how to be your most wildly unapologetic, authentic, feminine and sexy self around men and get the love you want and deserve.


Communication Skills

Effective communication is the key to more connection and hot, sizzling energy in person and through e-mail, private messages, text and over the phone. When you’re comfortable expressing your feelings and needs compassionately, you’ll be naturally and effortlessly magnetic.


Relationship Skills

Falling in love happens when you have faith, trust and self-love. Having the right skills and a high level of emotional intelligence is critical to dating and building a relationship with the man of your dreams. Learn how to set healthy boundaries, understand self-sabotaging patterns and become the kind of woman who is respected and adored.



 Radiating true inner confidence will make you feel magnetic and attractive wherever you go. You will be able to release the fears that hold you back from fully putting yourself out there and be able to confidently make the most important dating and relationship decisions of your life.



Doing this inner work with the expert guidance of a coach will ensure you understand the right partnership for you and the values and qualities you believe are the most important. You’ll feel confident in your strengths and weaknesses in romance and intimacy.


Emotional Relief

Together, we’ll support you in dealing with painful emotions, trauma, grief or stress. Once you’re able to transform difficult emotions and experiences into positive ones, you’ll more effortlessly and confidently deal with anxiety, fear and loneliness.


Balance and Inner Harmony

 As you deepen your understanding of energy psychology, you’ll be able to manifest your desires more easily and begin creating a life that feels balanced and fuels your mind, body and spirit. Incorporating meditation and mindfulness are key components of our coaching programs and will support you in creating the foundations for an everlasting, extraordinary relationship.

Before doing Sarika’s coaching program, I was always in unhealthy relationships. Through coaching, I met a man who blows my mind – there is no way I could have been ready for a relationship like this!  I can even catch my blocks, and I’m like a new person in this relationship. I’m so grateful to her for helping me step into my most authentic, feminine, loving self.

Emily, NYC

Clinical Psychologist

Through my coaching work, not only did I learn more about who I was, I also learned how to navigate  relationships with others. I learned that to really thrive in your soulmate relationship, you also need to thrive in your relationship with yourself. 

Rachna K, NYC

Lawyer, NYC

When I first signed up for relationship coaching, I had no idea what I was getting into. All I knew is that I was sick of the distance men kept from me and their lack of commitment. 

Just six months in our coaching I met the man of my dreams online – a man who I didn’t even know existed! He’s spiritual, handsome, funny, caring and always there for me. 

If you’re looking to completely transform your love life and discover what you’re really here for and truly deserve… I would highly recommend working with Sarika Jain Coaching – they will do that for you!

Jaya T, Seattle

Corporate Executive

What if coaching changed the whole trajectory of your life?

No more dating disasters, painful break-ups or feeling stuck in a disappointing relationship with a lack of love, communication and intimacy…

(Feeling scared to press the button is normal, but the energy on the other side is out of this world!)