Years ago, I felt an urge inside of me to do something incredible and meaningful in my life. I was single, working in the corporate world as a management consultant, and yet I felt a sense of wondering… isn’t there more to life than this? I felt stuck, bored and almost depressed about life.
I was itching to have some sort of expansion of my life, to live to my greatest potential as a modern woman. I knew I had unique gifts to offer but they seemed hidden. Living with a sense of passion and purpose also seemed somehow connected to finding Love and meeting my soulmate. It was part of my emergence as a Love Goddess.
Through divine guidance, in 2008, I began moonlighting as a dating coach for women, and I left my corporate job in 2015 to pursue Love & Relationship coaching full time, along with my journey of yoga, mysticism and healing. This has all been in the backdrop of finding my soulmate, falling in love, having a dream wedding and starting a family!
I don’t regret my unique journey one bit, and somehow purpose and love seem to be intertwined 🙂
Are you interested in finding out what turns you on, what your unique gifts are, what your purpose is here on this beautiful planet?
The truth is that you might be going through an Awakening and there’s a new, exciting path waiting for you!
If this resonates, then I would love to share with you my new YouTube show with relationship coach and Soul Sister, Jill Ashley:
Intimate conversations exploring what it means to live a more conscious, heart-centered life.
Our intention with this show is to explore how to navigate life in a heart-centered, conscious waythrough sharing our own personal stories and revelations.
In our second episode, How to Find and Live Your Purpose, we share our unique paths to finding our calling including working with psychics, astrologists, numerologists and fun yet powerful tools like tarot cards, crystals and ancestral healing.
See you there!
Sending you love and light,
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