Last night I had another chance to fall in love with myself and the world, in an aesthetically gratifying, yet subtle and sacred way. I

Peter Ruprecht

had the privilege of attending a Goddess circle at the Imagine Gallery, a pop up art space curated by Shannon Shiang (the space was offered to the gallery through an act of generosity by Stonehenge – I was pleasantly surprised, as I used to live in one of their buildings, the Ritz Plaza).

This was my second appearance here – the first was to attend an Enlightened Culture event on Saturday, where I first met Shannon and became fascinated with her sacred geometry-based art and her burgeoning business ideas with a foundation in philanthropy and service.

Imagine. Believe. Create. Share. Love. Repeat.

This was the theme of the gallery, and one that I could also feel so deeply as I walked around the room, and engaged in inspired conversation with people passionate about change and sharing their avant-garde ideas.

Peter Ruprecht

The gallery was filled with wondrous creations from the Burning Man festival – electrifying photographs of sacred women in a desert setting, magical dreamcatchers in the front window meeting the curious passers-by eyes, inspiring quotes, vivid imagery

, and massive 3-D art pieces, ranging from a metallic-green car that looked like it belonged on the moon, colorful light bulbs creating a back-drop of subdued psychedelic titillation, and a huge silver orb in the center of the room, covered (surprisingly!) tastefully with toothbrushes, creating a reminiscence of the flowing cilia in our own cells. There was even an interactive art piece, where you could play around with a little screen to create new vibrational frequencies in two dishes with water, which were projected – to watch one seemingly form the Flower of Life was quite sensational.

Dreamcatchers by Ewa da Cruz

Goddess Circle

We opened the circle with a prayer for grounding ourselves, and moving into our heart space, feeling the radiance within us and around the circle – and we invoked the divine feminine energies through our intention and prayer. We then each read an

inspirational quote, and reflected on our thoughts and experience. We shared stories, ideas, spiritual nutrition, delicious Oreo brownies and gifts. I felt nourished, happy and inspired by the women I met – I even bought a Cleopatra-like headdress studded with gemstones from Masha Lunara (I’ve always secretly wanted to look like a Goddess)!

Given that I had been recently exploring and reciting various Hindu goddess mantras (the one that I recently began to feel strong bhakti and love arise within me, the Lalitha Strotrum), this circle of divine feminine came as a complete blessing.

Shannon Shiang

Lately, I have found myself in a few women’s wisdom circles – is it a coincidence? To share our aspirations to unconditionally love and support each other, to know that our contributions will impact the world at large – as women seeking sacred wisdom and leading with courage through our gifts – resonated deeply with me.

Healers, teachers, creators, priestesses, warrioresses, artists, queens, magicians, farmers – we are that, and more, and we have the ability to tap into these energies by grounding ourselves and connecting our mind, heart, body and spirit.

To see the Imagine Gallery space is to know that anything is possible and our dreams our within reach – and it’s achievable through love, imagination and collaboration.

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