I remember listening to Aerosmith’s song ‘Falling in Love is So Hard on the Knees!” as a kid, and thinking – wow – is that what love’s about??

I was both mortified, yet secretly excited, about falling in love. The ecstasy, the passion, the drama…

Years later, as a 30-something, haven fallen on down my knees so many times, I decided – no more drama! Why did finding love have to be so hard?

The answer lies in the words…

Falling in love”.

So many times I have heard people say they fell in love, fell into marriage, fell into a profession, fell into parenthood. It’s as though they’re waiting for things to happen to them, by being in the right place, at the right time. It’s a passive approach, which doesn’t come from a place of empowerment.

In the past, so much of my personal and professional life was about ‘falling’ into the right relationships and jobs. I worked my butt off to educate myself and to prove my self-worth to keep those jobs and relationships.

It was so exhausting… and yet, the adrenaline rush, the determination, the anticipation, the hope, the sense of accomplishment when things DID work out – was what kept me going.

But when I started my healing journey, I learned that there was a more aligned, soulful, feminine way to approach my life.

Before my healing, I couldn’t see clearly – why I was attracting the same heartbreaking patterns over and over, in my love life and career.

I got dumped 4-5 times, and laid off 2 times. I went on at least hundred boring dates. Seriously. Uggh.

But thankfully, I met a spiritual coach who guided me, and helped me clear my heart, mind and soul. I learned how to manifest and create things in my life in a healthy way – starting from a place of Self Love and Inner Alignment.

I started dating again, and attracting even higher quality men than before! I met Krishan within just a few months. The beautiful thing was that while dating, it felt natural, fun, flirty, easy – because there were no more games – just romance and play. And lots of connecting and pillow talks wee into the night =)

I was in alignment with finding my soulmate – and so was he – and we clicked almost instantly. This was what I had always dreamed about, secretly.

Together, we create our relationship, marriage, business and family from a place of mindfulness, intention and shared values. And we are constantly healing through the journey together. I feel so connected, inspired, safe and loved.

It’s an emergent process, rather than a linear, strategic one. It feels natural and authentic – and it’s based on our soul’s desires, vs. our ego.

I have seen this happen over and over with my clients who go through a similar process through our coaching.

In fact, I have a client who’s getting married a Buddhist monastery this fall! She never could have imagined it!

These are empowered women who don’t just ‘fall’ into things – but rather, take a risk and leap of faith, and CREATE their lives from a conscious, joyful place. They receive the support they need to make their dreams happen.

These women are IN love with their life, even before they meet their partners – and the partnership becomes icing on the cake.

I KNOW and believe that this can happen for you. You CAN create the loving partnership and life you have secretly dreamed of. You deserve healthy love and fulfillment in every part of your life. You are worth it, and have the inner wisdom to achieve it.

My invitation to you is to do a little self reflection and journaling to see what it is that you truly want – rather – what your SOUL wants.

Wake up early, meditate for 10-20 minutes, and then start journaling from your stream of consciousness, without editing or filtering. In fact, do this every morning for a week, and see what you learn about yourself!

1. What do you want to create in your life? What makes you come alive?

2. If you had $10M in your bank account, what would you be doing in your life today?

3. What kind of career and partnership do you want? How would it make you feel?

4. What’s getting in your way? What are you afraid of? How does this fear show up in different parts of your life?

5. What’s one thing you can do today to get in alignment with your soul’s desires?

When you start gaining clarity in what your soul desires, then you will start taking action from a more conscious, intentional place. Even if you are in a soul-crushing relationship or job, you will start to take mini steps in the direction you want to go – and that’s perfectly adequate!

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