Love Alchemy Podcast

Are you looking to bring more love, passion and creativity into your life… through your career? Are you feeling stuck, or are you simply yearning to align with your purpose and calling?

Aligning with your dream career can be part of an ecstatic, joyful Self-Love journey – and if you do it in a mindful way, can be painless and fun!

My journey of transitioning from strategy consulting on Wall Street to becoming a Love & Relationship Coach took a little bit of time and had its challenges… but it’s worth it! Luckily, I had tons of mentoring and support. During that time, I even fell in love with my husband ????

I want you to know that the same is possible for you. I also know that you can find greater success & happiness in your current job if you took on a different perspective.

Through an engaging and storytelling format, Ariane, Career & Personal Fulfillment expert, will tell the tale of her own unconventional career path, and share her secrets on:

  • Why your dreams are your single most important source for happiness and success
  • How YOU can forge your own path in life, work, and love
  • 3 Keys to balancing your career and love life especially when the two worlds seem to collide
  • Subconscious beliefs and challenges that get in the way of aligning with your own Badass-ness

About Ariane Hunter:

Ariane is a dreamer by nature and has charted her own unconventional career path as an MBA-holding marketing/advertising professional, photographer, coach, and entrepreneur.

She is the founder and CEO of Project #SheWentForHerDreams, a women’s leadership platform that exists to support ambitious, forward-thinking, enlightened women professionals with aspirations of helping others and leaving this world better than they found it through work that is personally satisfying and makes a difference.

Ariane’s signature method for helping her clients achieve career happiness is grounded in her 4 Pillars for Career Transformation ™. Her work has been published in and she’s been quoted in The Daily Worth.

Clients highlights include: mid- to senior level executives at IBM, AMEX, Goldman Sachs, Deutsch Bank, Simon & Schuster, Kate Spade, Open Society Foundation, Council of Urban Professionals, and Cornell University.

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