Call with Kara Gilligan – Call #2 – notes
Title: Money Medicine: Clearing Karmic Monads
Date & Time: Monday, June 23rd at 3:30pm Eastern

Kara – Personal branding expert and business coach – soul-centered businesses, heart-centered women entrepreneurs. Divine Feminine Principle – intuitive, creative.

  1. Mindset shift around money – any and all ways that I have felt that money is wrong or evil; or that it is a controlling force – all of that has to go, as it will keep me in a low-self-worth place. Feeling that money is an energy of abuse and victimhood keeps that energy going forward
    • Own money as a divine force – may receive money as a “beloved” or some other analogy/metaphor that supports your love and acceptance of this energy. Want to make money – throw out the belief that making money is bad
    • Money as a creative force! Create with it! Blessing, beautiful thing. Books – Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (somewhat masculine), and Science of Getting Rich (more feminine-centric)
    • Charging money heals the other person
  2. Get clear on value proposition / niche –
    • Soul-centric entrepreneurs resist this, as they want to serve everyone, as they have many gifts
    • Construct a package, which will solve a problem for your niche/tribe. People pay for pressing needs, that they need a solution!
    • Create a signature system/high end package. >$1000.
    • Construct a business model. Tiered business model, which works for me

i.    Different soul types – nurturing, creative, etc.

ii.    Sustainable, has goals which get me to where I need to be

3. Clear karmic monads

  • What holds soul-centered entrepreneurs from grounding and building – clearings that need to happen:

o    Poverty-consciousness

o    Lack of clarity

o    Emotional attachments – whole life is going to change. Might have to let go of relationships, etc.

o    Fear of power and responsibility – past life around abusing power. This will keep me from wanting to claim my power and responsibility

o    Addictions – self-sabotaging. Lineage and karmic roots

o    Commitment to oneself or self-defeating beliefs about myself

o    Lack of vision/inspiration

o    Lack of support

  • Mentors, people who can support us as we step into our greatness
  • Modern psychology focuses on childhood patterns – this lifetime
  • Core blocks and restrictions come from past lives. Understanding helps us to:

o    Forgive, release and move on

o    Understanding of my unique lessons. Balance our karma.


  • Stepping into soul purpose and having soul purpose business – need deep process of healing.
  • Lessons contained within the darkness – key to what I’m here to give the world through my business
  • My story is medicine for other people

o    Have a tribe that is waiting for me to become who I am – so that they can become uniquely who they are, through their contact with me

o    We teach what we most need to learn

  • E.g. 12-step programs for alcoholics – people who have gone through what I have – these are the people that will support me
  • My core lessons become my gifts. This would give me joy and satisfaction, working with other people on similar issues

Path of clearing monads – soul money medicine reading and business strategy solution –

Two suggestions for clearing karmic monads

  • Forgiveness prayers – – Concise prayer program
  • Spend time connecting with inner source of guidance


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