Discover the Exact Steps to Be a Magnet for Extraordinary Love… by Practicing True Self Love


Do you wonder what people mean when they say that the world is your mirror… especially when it comes to love? You will learn all about it, in this program!

Restore your faith in love, and strengthen the most important relationship – with yourself… and your higher self. Open yourself to attracting unconditional love through deep Self Love, and begin clearing any limiting beliefs around “unworthiness”.

When you’re aligned with yourself, and practice self-love, you become a Magnet for Love. Men will find you completely irresistible!

Through the course, you will begin to to create the foundation for Self Love in your life. You will learn how to:

  • Treat yourself as your beloved – learn how to practice acceptance, compassion, love and forgiveness with yourself
  • Support your emotional health, and begin to release your emotional baggage
  • Get rid of negative self talk, and begin to heal your mind
  • Create sacred self care rituals for what your body and soul needs
  • Get rid of energy vampires and begin to set healthy boundaries
  • Awaken all the cells in your body to Love, by practicing the ‘Total Body Love & Radiance’ affirmation & meditations
  • Bonus: Learn how to energetically transform any difficult situation into a positive one, through the power of your mind!

Create an upgraded mindset, learn about Self Love and radiate with confidence.



be a love magnet

What’s included:

  • Audio course on theory, practices and tools for Self Love
  • Workbook and exercises to create your Self Love practices
  • Bonus: Guided meditation to align with your higher self

Fee for course: $33 ($197 value)

I started the course knowing that I needed a drastic change in my love life and I’d already done as much ‘inner work’ as I could. I am just amazed in how I have changed in the last few weeks – I can’t even begin to describe it. I am radiating with so much love and worthiness! Even my parents, colleagues (and men) have noticed. I get compliments all the time now.

If you’re ready to take the next step into discovering who you really are, and putting an end to your sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs, and loving yourself – I recommend this course 100%!

Jeannette L, NYC

When I finished the program with Sarika, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love. After getting back to dating, I noticed I was dating people who are more desirable and compatible in general than before. One month later I met a great guy, positive, caring, responsible and loving. It happens quickly and naturally without drama. It is so rare but real. I have been enjoying happiness in a healthy and loving relationship. Both of us feel we are becoming a better person after being together.
Jin H., NYC

I decided to try some of Sarika’s suggestions that I learned in her course and just a few weeks later I met an amazing man! I learned that I was sabotaging my relationships due to lack of self love. Through the power of self love, I’ve released my blocks, which has opened me to being in a fulfilling relationship with the man of my dreams. I am excited to report that we are now happily married 🙂 If you are ready to upgrade your mindset, I recommend you take this course, don’t even think about it!
Sunaina C., NYC

Are you ready to transform your relationship with yourself, upgrade your mindset and radiate with love?

Start today by joining Be a Love Magnet – Unleash Your Inner Radiance Through the Power of Self Love. Available for a short time.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll LOVE the value of this program, I’m giving you a no-risk opportunity to try it out for 30 days. If you have tried the exercises and yet the course doesn’t resonate, then I am happy to refund the amount to you.

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