Over the last few days, I’ve been doing market research around my favorite topic (love!), going through my old books on dating (I’ve read EVERY top book out there in my dating journey), and checked out the bestsellers on Amazon.

Many of the books helped me change my behavior to be more feminine, empowered, and have healthy boundaries with men.

I remember following one of the books to a ‘T’, and got engaged within a year. But, we broke up within a month, because we had no real foundation.

What these books didn’t show me was how to GROW as a modern woman, align with my true individuality and know what I want, so I can attract and cultivate a lasting partnership on my terms.

As my experience with Krishan shows, love and dating can feel natural, open-hearted and mystical – almost like restoring our connection with our Divine Spark.

Plus, we as modern men and women are evolving – gender norms are shifting, we WANT more from our relationships, and a traditional marriage just won’t cut it. Marriage itself no longer signifies stability and security.

I needed a different approach. Luckily, I’ve met amazing mentors/guides who showed me that there could be a BETTER, more self-aware (and fulfilling way) to find my life partner.

Through my journey of love, I’ve personally had to:

  • Love myself completely – the good, the bad and the ugly (I even conducted a self-marriage ceremony!!)
  • Look at my past patterns and relationships, heal my heart and learn key karmic lessons (not just “stop being too independent” and “don’t be a doormat or too bitchy”)
  • Understand my framework/mental model of love (the basis is our parents’ relationship – and also the mass media / societal norms)
  • Heal my childhood wounds that created subconscious fear-based beliefs
  • Come to terms with what I am looking for – a relationship that has room to evolve over time, and I feel connected on every level – sexually, emotionally, mentally AND spiritually
  • Understand men’s and women’s psychology on deeper levels
  • Improve all of my relationships – including those with my friends, family and work
  • Examine my life and values, and see if I am living my life authentically and powerfully – in accordance with my values and desires
  • Embrace a new enlightened view of dating and relationships (not just about getting the ring anymore!) – including overcoming my insecurity/neediness and questions like “why hasn’t he texted me back!”
  • Study & practice new communication skills – so I can share my pain & joy and hold space for others – creating intimacy
  • Learn how to be a better partner (and overcoming my sabotage patterns of over-analysis, being controlling, judgmental, repressing my feelings, etc.)
  • Shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’ consciousness, and overcoming my tendencies for wanting to be alone/independent
  • Learn to receive with grace and worthiness
  • Be able to love someone without expectations – and with wisdom and discernment
  • Embrace my sensual, sexy side that yearns for being free-spirited, loving, pleasure-filled and nurturing
  • Surrender to deeper levels of faith and trust in the universe, and take risks
  • Discover how to consciously create a marriage and family with a strong foundation

I know this seems like a long list. Now, this doesn’t mean that YOU have to do all of this. I’m just honestly sharing my journey with you – so that you can see that not every love story is the same. And with some of my clients, we’re able to do this within months in my Love & Relationship Mastery program.

But I will share that I am SO happy to be in a relationship that gives me freedom to simply be me. I have faith and trust that this is possible for any woman who wants to have this kind of relationship.

So my lesson is: Have faith, and follow your heart’s desires. Learn to truly love yourself so much that you are willing to go through the depths of your imperfections and yearnings. Be willing to take risks – whether it’s trusting others to support you, taking a step further with men/dating, or walking out of a relationship that truly doesn’t resonate. When you prioritize your happiness and love life, you’ll be surprised with the magic that opens up for you!

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