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Do you go between being a doormat and a bitch? Is there an inner Mean Girl, who’s always making you feel guilty, insecure or angry?

Do you dim your light, and sabotage your chances in love, your career, and realizing your full potential?

I am so excited about an interview I did with Paula Lacobara, a successful Transformational Coach for Women – whom, synchronistically, I heard on an interview several years ago. She helped inspire my own journey of sharing my beauty and gifts with the world.

Paula’s a woman who can ‘see’ your truth and beauty – and she’s got this graceful, yet fiery, Goddess energy. This interview is in alignment for this season of Navratri – the festival which celebrates 9 Hindu Goddesses. This interview was very Kali-esque, if I may say so ????

In this Love Alchemy Podcast episode, Paula provides deep insight into women’s psychology, and shares:

  • The #1 Belief that holds women back from shining their light
  • The step-by-step process of succeeding in life the feminine way (Hint: Good Girl + Wild Woman + Masculinity = Magic!)
    • And interestingly… how suppressing your Good Girl & Wild Woman can lead to the doormat/bitch syndrome
  • The secret to realizing your inner beauty, and share it with the world in a passionate, yet authentic, way (does not necessarily mean going to the spa!)
  • How our family dynamics and culture shape our identity as women, and what the new paradigm of feminine success requires of us (she’s a Latin woman who grew up around having to look a certain way – and how she burst through that and creating her own definition of beauty)
  • The next level of spiritual growth, as a woman

Get yourself pumped up for a whole new way of owning your personal power and self-worth!!

P.S. If you enjoyed this interview, Paula is starting a new program and just has 2 spots left – and I HAD to share it with you.


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