The relationship with money is an important one, for everyone. It seems that everyone (especially entrepreneurs) I know is talking about it right now.

What I’ve learned is that the relationship with money is as sacred, and difficult/challenging, as the relationships with everyone else. It is one of the main reasons why families fall apart, and what keeps us entrapped in situations we aren’t happy with.

I have been doing a lot around healing / money in the last few months. Around unworthiness, spiritual vs not, etc… and also, listening to a lot of meditations/talks around it.

I really am moved to write more, but I want to get you resources soon!

Several areas I’ve been exploring (sorry for the laundry list – but I wanted to share it all!)

a) Unworthiness – do I deserve it? And imposter syndrome. The first step is to practice self-approval; and overcoming shame

b) Value/purpose of money – and how it plays into my business/life planning; and what it means to be ‘successful’

c) Financial stewardship vs ownership

d) Feminine principles around abundance/prosperity; such as embracing Lakshmi and honoring her; and also, what it takes as a mother/woman a family and community; and also sexual healing (many times, we can be blocked from both men & money!); and how our sexual energy/leadership is tied to our financial prosperity

e) Money as a manifestation of love

f) Spiritual – Having a beloved relationship with the energy of money / abundance – not as an evil by-product

g) Healing parental/childhood/family/feminine/ancestral wounds around money and power

h) Masculine / feminine balance – and the love/respect that is formed within, resulting in a balanced relationship with money

Here’s some immediate resources I would recommend:


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