During my interview for the upcoming Warrior Goddess Summit & Giveaway with my amazing friend and mentor, HeatherAsh Amara, I was reminded of how challenging my love life was… but also of when my love life transformed, almost alchemically.

Right when I wasn’t expecting love and was instead focusing on my own happiness and well being…

… a handsome man began to set his eyes on me.

During a one day meditation retreat that I was helping organize, he sat in front of me, and began to send a message to my heart, “You are my queen.” He kept repeating this mantra, inside. He was very subtle and sexy, and I felt a sense of desire rise in me.

Later, that evening, not knowing that he had the hots for me, I invited him to go for a walk with me. We talked and walked until 4 in the morning. I was touched by his self awareness, groundedness and authenticity. He was powerful and sexy… and I didn’t even feel guarded or shielded around him. I just felt deeply alive… and free to be myself, totally, without any inhibitions.

We continued to find reasons to hang out and see each other. We flirted and courted, and shared all our deepest secrets and desires with each other. I felt safe, loved and cherished around him.

Little did I know that Krishan was going to become my husband, and the father of our beautiful child.

And everyday, he tells me how lucky he is to be with me, and that I am his Queen. That his life is SO much better after I came into his life.

This is coming from a man, after 4 years of marriage and a baby together! I feel so blessed.

Now, let me share with you that I was not always a Queen. Rather, I was rather like a wistful princess, masquerading as a queen.

And I really wanted to find love.

I read all about men’s psychology and how to date online – and was a master at flirting and the art of seduction.

I remember reading The Rules, and the first chapter talking about “Be a “Creature Unlike Any Other”.

I tried so hard to embody this.

The reality is, deep inside, I struggled with guilt and sense of unworthiness. I was great at pretending to be “all that”, but inside, I struggled with conflict, lack of acceptance of myself and low self worth.

It wasn’t until I got my heart broken by a man I was engaged to and started my spiritual healing journey, that I finally realized that I was settling in my life, because of my limiting beliefs and spiritual blocks.

By working with a coach to heal my blocks and painful patterns, and finding acceptance, forgiveness and meaning in my life, I was able to enter into a state of grace and unconditional love.

I learned: “To be fully divine, you must first be fully human.”

Which means, you must examine, accept and love all parts of you and your life – the good, the bad and the ugly – to feel fully human. There’s an alchemical shift that occurs deep within you the moment you become fully conscious and present to your humanity. Once you become humble and begin to seek to correct your mistakes, the universe begins to align with you. This is the path of miracles.

It is from this place that you enter into a Divine state.

This is a sacred journey of self love, healing and self awareness.

Relationships are the ultimate teacher for self-understanding.

For each relationship trauma that you have experienced, there is something for you to heal and learn about yourself. Whether it’s exes or a man you’re dating, your parents, siblings, colleagues or even money – each relationship holds an important key to healing your patterns and triggers.

When you’ve healed each of these relationships, including the one with yourself – you are free from painful patterns, conflict, heartbreak and drama! Your life becomes magical, playful and joyful. You feel incredibly happy and fulfilled, and free from others’ expectations and a need to please others.

You begin to create relationships and friendships on your terms, and have an elevated view about what life has to offer. You become clear in your vision of what you want to create and what kind of partnership is truly right for you.

People who come into contact with you feel a sense of healing, unconditional love and grace.

You become a Queen.

And in this state, when you meet a man, as I’ve discovered, you can create a lasting, healthy partnership. You can attract the powerful, sexy, spiritual man that you’ve secretly always dreamed of.

One of my clients, Niki, a successful entrepreneur and artist who got divorced after 17 year marriage, is now getting married to her dream man at a Zen temple next month. He is EXACTLY the man she secretly dreamed about, but didn’t know until she realized her Divine self. He calls her his Queen, and has built a home for her (with her very own yoga / meditation room). She inspires him to be his best self, and vice versa. They are so beautiful together! 

This story gets me excited because it reminds me of the possibility that each of has to find true, healthy love.


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