The “Dark Night of the Soul” is a term used to describe a collapse of a perceived meaning in life. What dies, in essence, is the egoic sense of self. Yet what is birthed through the process, when approached with mindfulness and the right tools, is your truest essence, your aliveness, and even profound meaning and joy.
There is an alchemy waiting for you if you face it with courage. You begin to become a Love Magnet because you’ve faced what is holding you back from living life to your fullest.
Are you going through deep anxiety or depression, and feel afraid that your worst fears are coming true? 
Fear not, because maybe you’re being initiated through the Dark Night of the Soul, and you WILL emerge as an awakened Love Goddess, attracting even more joy, love and abundance.
The truth is that you might be going through an Awakening and there’s a new, exciting path waiting for you!
In this week’s Awakened Living episode, we share our stories of breakdowns and breakthroughs and share tips on how to move through your dark night of the soul with more ease and grace. We cover topics such as processing grief, trauma, compassion, energy healing, and heart-openings.

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