Hi beautiful,

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I am sending you my love.

If today feel’s bittersweet for you, I totally empathize… and yet, I believe amazing things are already happening for you.

I’m personally very grateful for having an amazing relationship with Krishan, and I will admit, going from break-up to finding love (within 3 months!) was a heady experience.

However, during the period that I was single, I knew I had a chance to rebirth into a whole new love possibility – which was empowering and healthy for me.

My old relationships weren’t cutting it. I felt like I was losing myself in them, but I held on, as I desperately wanted love and safety.

The root of my problem was that my “Love Consciousness” was very low. I truly only felt I was worthy of a certain level/kind of love. Compromises, silences and “trying hard” were normal for me in my relationships, as long as I had safety and comfort. This slowly eroded my spirit, and led to painful breakups.

Also, I didn’t truly love myself and see my magnificence. I wasn’t aligning with my most loving self.

In order to attract the kind of love my soul wanted, I had to increase my “Love Consciousness”. I had to prove to my safety-oriented reptilian brain that this special kind of love was possible – and that it was already entering my life.

Otherwise, I kept falling into a trap of unworthiness and a mindset of lack.

So with this, I invite you to a V-Day 30-day challenge, which I am doing too 🙂

After all, I truly BELIEVE and KNOW that you are worthy of indescribably beautiful and epic love.

You’re going to increase your Love Consciousness, by training your subconscious mind to expect and receive unconditional, healthy love from the universe.

The way to do this, is by creating evidence of this fact – since our ego always refers back to ‘facts’ and evidence.

Here’s the assignment:

Over the next 30 days, maintain a journal.

Write down the statement:

“I’m aligning with more love and abundance! I can spot 10 things a day that prove it, if I let myself see them. Here is today’s evidence:”

Then, jot down 10 items that prove that you are receiving love.

It could be anything – someone smiling at you, opening the door for you, a ladybug landing on your shoulder, a phone call from your mom, a wink on your dating app, or a text/Facebook message from a friend. Remember, love is not just romantic love – it’s everything in life supporting you.

Do this every day, for 30 days.

That’s it!! Who knew retraining our minds could be that simple 🙂

Romantic love will come in, when your Love Consciousness is expanded.


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