IMG_2385 Choosing your life partner is the most essential decision one can make. With nearly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, and most people deriving (or experiencing lack in) their sense of fulfillment through their primary relationship, it’s more important than ever to engage in a healthy dialogue, and also, date in a way that uncovers each of our personal truths. There’s nothing more vital than being with a person who really loves, accepts and understands you – and no degrees or education can define it!

Before Krishan and I got engaged, here were some questions that we asked ourselves. We made sure that our dating process incorporated the inquiry!

  1. Do we have aligned visions in our life? Where to live, professions, etc?
  2. Are we compatible, and have mutual respect for each other?
  3. Do we communicate well, and have we created practices for allowing the other person to express their own truth, without judging them?
  4. Do we love ourselves and see ourself as a complete unit?
  5. Do we see each other as an equal partner?
  6. Do we meet each others’ emotional needs?
  7. Do we align on our values?
  8. Do we align on finances; and do each have a view on how to raise children?
  9. Do each have a healthy (or acceptance) in relationship with their families (even if there were difficult situations, such as divorce, abusive parents, etc)
  10. If different religions/social customs – Do we allow each to follow what is important? Do you support each others’ faiths?
  11. Have each developed emotional maturity, and supported each other through a tough period in each others’ lives?
  12. Are we attracted to each other, and have similar sexual appetite and preferences?
  13. Do we support each other in fulfilling our dreams in a healthy way?
  14. Are there any ‘shadows’ from the past – either in ones life, or family, that are out in the open?
  15. Have you forgiven or healed from past relationships?


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