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Do you feel like you keep taking action in your love life (or work), and you keep attracting the same things, over and over?

Then, my dear, you may be spiritually blocked.

Years ago, I didn’t realize this was the case. 

I kept getting into amazing relationships, then being dumped. I would cry for months after a breakup, then dust myself off, and get back into the dating game.

It finally hit me after my (ex)fiancé broke up with me in 2012. It was the most devastating day of my life, and I wanted to end my life.

I didn’t understand what was wrong with me – why me?? Am I not smart, beautiful and kind? Am I not the kind of woman a man would want to spend the rest of his life with? I felt devastated and broken.

I went to see a spiritual healer, and she told me that I was spiritually blocked, and that my heart and sacral chakras were blocked, and that if I did’t heal, I would keep attracting the same patterns, over and over in my life.

Something clicked in me. YES! There’s actually nothing wrong with me, as a person, but that there was something I needed to learn, to heal. Soon after I began my spiritual healing journey, I met my husband.

What is a spiritual block, and why does it matter?

We are born on this planet for a reason – to evolve, grow as human beings, to eventually become liberated from the cycle of suffering. We do this through growing our hearts and by cultivating skills such as compassion, awareness, loving-kindness, generosity, joy and equanimity. 

We each come with our own karma and life lessons that we’re meant to sort through. This is not a good or bad thing – it’s just the nature of our life purpose here.

Spiritual blocks allow us to have an insight about what our spiritual lessons are, and what we’re meant to heal.

Usually, a spiritual block manifests as similar patterns, happening over and over, and it can feel like Groundhog’s Day, which can be incredibly frustrating. I believe that many people suffer with depression and anxiety because deep inside, they know they have to heal their spiritual block, and are afraid to.

Sometimes we have to fall to the very bottom (and feel like we’ve lost everything or are at our wit’s ends!!) before realizing that we need spiritual healing. Losing someone to death or heartbreak, or having your career and finances turned upside down, can shake you up and make you start questioning things and seeking deeper truths, like your purpose here on earth.

Some blocks are smaller than others, depending on the level of karma you have to heal, or a gift you’re here to hone. They could also be vestiges of past trauma from previous lifetimes, your current life, or your lineage (passed on down through your DNA and through your parents’ psychological make up and relationship). 

We are born with several blocks (maybe even a hundred or more!), and these are nothing to be scared of, or think that you are broken and are unlovable in some way.

Rather, these blocks are here to be your guide and teacher, so that you can discover your strength and courage and realize your greatest potential. They also allow you heal karma from the past so you can clear your slate and learn what you needed to.

When you clear your spiritual blocks, you become in greater alignment with your soul essence and your authentic self, and you are able to attract healthy relationships and opportunities, synchronistically. 

You begin to feel lighter, more radiant, more loving and lovable. Your light-body is activated as you shed your limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns and step into higher consciousness.

As one of my clients put it after we started her inner clearing work: 

“I’ve started to feel a sense of peace in my body – like there’s this buffer where I’m peaceful even when I’m rushing from A to B, and don’t have the underlying sense of PTSD that used to permeate my being and every action!” She’s been manifesting all sorts of amazing business and personal relationships in her life synchronistically. This kind of feeling (and the discoveries about yourself you make along the way) is what true joy is.

What are some examples of spiritual blocks? And what are you here to learn from it? Here are some examples…

… If you keep experiencing betrayal, then you’re here to heal your heart and learn to truly love yourself and not betray or abandon yourself anymore

… If you keep attracting narcissistic or abusive partners, you’re here to learn how to create healthy boundaries, communicate effectively and love yourself – and how to be in healthy relationships 

… If you keep experiencing poverty or loss of income, then you’re here to learn to find and create abundance and release old conditionings and beliefs around money (and perhaps heal some trauma around money)

… If you keep finding yourself in painful power dynamics, then you’re here to learn how to step into your own power – from a place of love, compassion (while owning your sacred feminine essence)

The list of spiritual blocks is endless, and is specific to each person. 

Chakras and spiritual blocks

Each chakra has certain psychological beliefs associated with it, and can create blocks. This can manifest as physical problems in your body, and even diseases, which helps us find clues to your blocks.

For instance, the root chakra has to do with groundedness and the will to live. If you had a traumatic relationship with your parents or didn’t feel well provided for or loved, this can deeply affect your root chakra and create subconscious beliefs like I don’t deserve to live. I am unworthy. I am unsafe. I can’t trust in life.” 

These kinds of beliefs can show up as body as knee or hip pain, or in a more extreme case, as an auto-immune disease or even cancer (for a complete list of illnesses and related spiritual blocks or beliefs, see the back section of the book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay – perhaps the most important book on self-healing).

Also, this kind of block deeply affect your love life and either keep you single, or going from one unstable relationship after another.

How to begin to heal your spiritual blocks

First, make a list of the different patterns in your life. Try to be an observer or witness of yourself, rather than a judge, and even meditate on this. Your soul needs your compassion and love to begin the healing process, not criticism. Begin to meditate and observe your patterns over a span of a week or month, or even journal about them. 

What patterns have you seen with men, work, money, friends, women, your parents, siblings – or even your thoughts and beliefs?

Second, look to different sources that can give you insight into your patterns. I have found vedic astrology (Tracey Atkinson is amazing) and the resources You Can Heal Your Life (Louise Hay), The Life You Were Born To Live (a numerology-based system, by Dan Millman; there’s also the app which is amazing, called the Life Purpose App), Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose in Your DNA (by Richard Rudd), The Enneagram (books are also available) and Play Your Cards Right (by Alexander Dunlop) which help to give you an insight into your your life purpose and patterns.

Third, set an intention to the universe, “I am open to love, healing and grace. I surrender to the universe to guide me in spiritual healing and aligning with my true self.” Be open to the resources you are pointed to! A healer, life coach, therapists, books, courses… there are so many resources available right now, and working with someone one-on-one to discover and heal your spiritual blocks can be the most powerful thing you can do. 

More than likely, you may have to go through an emotional cleansing process and face some really dark emotions, like grief, fear or despair – especially when you’ve gone through a traumatic experience like a breakup or death – and it’s important to have a safe container with an experienced guide who can hold space for your process in a loving, kind, compassionate way.

In Shamanic cultures, when a teen is going through anxiety or emotional breakdown, he/she is sent to a medicine man, who lovingly walks the teen through a journey of healing – maybe even breaking down the ego, going through a transformation and stepping into one’s True Self. In our current culture, such teens would be given medication and anxiety is considered bad. 

I personally see depression or anxiety as a positive sign – that there’s a message for us for healing and transformation so we can experience an elevated consciousness!

So if you’re anxious, afraid or stuck, and know that you would like spiritual healing support, begin the journey today. Stop distracting yourself any further, like watching TV, reading the news, going on dates when you’re feeling low, or any kind of addiction. 

Begin to use your time wisely and intentionally.

2019 is supposed to be a powerful year in which many of us are being called to release our negative thinking, become more integrated with our Higher Selves… and even find ‘the one’!

The beauty is that as soon as you set your intention, and begin to take action on healing your blocks, you begin to be in alignment with your Soulmate – because more than likely, your blocks are what’s stopping you from meeting him – and he’s probably on the path, doing the same! I know it’s hard to imagine this when you’re single, but it’s true.

Krishan had been doing his inner healing work at the same time I had been – and our lives crossed at exactly the right time. We continued to love and grow together, and are instrumental in each others’ healing journeys. Our relationship is a healing one – a sacred, alchemical container filled with joy, freedom and magic 🙂 

Dear one, I want you to know that you are worthy of true love with your soulmate and living a passionate, fulfilling life full of meaning and joy. 

You are a magnificent being who’s here to do great magic.

May you be blessed with healing your spiritual blocks, finding True love and living your potential.

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