3 Essential Steps to Transforming Survival Programming – Kara Gilligan – Notes

What are signs of being in survival mode?

  • Invisibility (no one notices you & what you do)
  • Feast or Famine (you bring in large amounts of money, followed by serious “droughts”)
  • Freezing with Fear (major procrastination & stalls on getting your gifts out)
  • Prostitution  (doing things or working jobs you don’t want to do to survive financially)
  • Camouflage (pretending to be something you’re not in your brand/business/career)
  • Fleeing (running away- dropping out of programs, self-abandoning, turning your back on your dreams)

Why do we do it?

We evolved over time, going through many lives as plants, insects and animals; and now finally human. We are an “evolutionary soup”, and we still have primal forms of self-defense built in within us. This is forming a limitation on us today, as we engage in unconscious activities which sabotage our ability to tap into unlimited abundance and creativity.

3 steps to get out of this mode:

  1. Must die – mystical experience. Must feel like you have died. Surrendering is key.
  2. Create a real space – vision/plan – tap into a higher energy. Opening of consciousness to see what you haven’t been able to see all along. E.g. purpose, god, a great plan

o   Need a place in life to do this – time/space. Need to be in higher states of consciousness

  1. Get help! We make spiritual progress by working with someone who has come before them. We are all connected in this galactic soup – when one reaches through a breakthrough – everyone is benefited. We progress through our relationship with each other
  • Necessitates that we work together
  • Someone who has mastered what you haven’t seen/done – shows you the next step; guides you into the light/soul money abundance

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