Why is shame harmful? 

Well.. shame is the opposite of desire. And desire is important, in order for us to expand, grow and manifest our dream partnerships and lifestyle!

Shame is dead weight energy, that goes against our natural ecstatic life force.

Shame makes a woman not feel vibrant, worthy or beautiful. She doesn’t feel safe – and she begins to shut down from life – in order to protect herself.

This shows up as sabotage patterns in one’s life – like inability to attract healthy relationships, addictions, codependency, body hatred and financial struggle.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is – you can overcome your shame! It’s part of the healing journey – and trust me – when you overcome it – you feel more fully integrated, joyful and loving.

1. First, acknowledge it for being there. Watch this amazing Ted Talk by Brené Brown on the Power of Vulnerability – and the need for tackling (and loving!) shame (below).

2. List out the ways in which shame shows up in your life. How does it make you treat your body? What’s your relationship with desire, sensuality? How does it show it’s head in your love life, or at work? What do your eating habits look like? Journal on it, extensively. Keep a trigger list with you

3. Practice self-love and empathy. Maybe even ask a friend or partner if you can explore this with them. Create space for them to openly express their shame, too. Remember, shame thrives in Judgment, Criticism and Lack of Acceptance.

4. Uncover, and heal, any spiritual, emotional or mental blocks around it. So many ‘shame patterns’ come from our childhood, society, upbringing – and even our unique programming around it.

You can work with a therapist, healer, Tantra teacher, or even a coach, such as myself.

Here’s to you, joining me in coming out of our Shame Closets!!



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