The Forgiveness Principle

  • Why is forgiveness so important? What is the role of forgiveness in our spiritual growth, relationships,
  • How do grievances occur?
  • What is the trigger to forgive?
  • How do we forgive? What are the tools and processes? What does the action look like?
  • What are the different levels of forgiveness?
  • How do we know that we have truly forgiven? What does it feel like?
  • Different traditions in forgiveness – Jainism, Christianity (Course in Miracles), hoponopono
  • Why is forgiveness so difficult?
  • How do we ‘let go’ of something or someone?
  • What is the role of self-forgiveness?
  • What is the act of forgiveness?
  • For whom do we ‘forgive’?
  • What is the role of healing in forgiveness? And vice-versa?
  • How do we ask for forgiveness?
  • What is the role of (social) justice – and forgiveness? Our current judiciary system, and who is charged with what?
  • Tolerance vs. forgiveness


The Miracle of Forgiveness

7 Principles of Forgiveness

  1. It is the primary – it is why we are alive – it is the only true marker for inner/outer progress
    • Un-Forgiveness is the only thing holding us back from fulfilling our dreams
    • Energetic – feel it in our body
      1. Takes energy to hold grievance
      2. “Letting it go”
    • To forgive is a gift to yourself
      1. You are the creator of your life
      2. Your ego is what creates separation between you, yourself and other – held up through emotions – and fear
      3. Learning about your needs, desires, feelings – self-acceptance and self-love
        • Understanding your triggers
      4. Our world, is our mirror – people trigger us, to allow us to look internally and understand/heal
      5. Practice – pardon yourself everyday; practice self-forgiveness
  2. The Spirit of Forgiveness
    • “Eager to love”
    • Withholding forgiveness – moral high-ground – not be forgiven
    • Self-punishment – addiction
  3. Betrayal – our greatest teacher
    • Betrayal – can we trust again? Betrayal – our most important teacher – return to love
  4. To heal, is to forgive; to forgive, is to heal
    • Spiral of healing, seeking truth, meaning
    • Forms a part of our purpose
    • Karma & forgiveness – healing our patterns
    • We forgive, for our ancestors and progeny
    • Forgiveness is the path to healing our fragmented self
    • Levels of forgiveness
  5. Forgiveness is the Path of the Warrior
    • Our greatest spiritual teachers – Gandhi, Mandela
    • Speaking our truth
    • Making difficult, yet compassionate decisions
    • Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable – touch the pain and face it
  6. Forgiveness forms the true path to any spiritual practice
    • Spiritual practice – Trust, faith, grace, gratitude – filling the void
    • Releasement – void – must fill with grace (will-power not enough) – spirituality
  7. Forgiveness is a choice and intention – a state of being – not a single action
    • Forgiveness is a process, by which we transform and heal
      1. Learn our life lesson
      2. Understanding, loving another person – enemy
        • Tonglen
  • Process of facing our pain& anger, expressing our truth
    • “Have you been angry long enough?”
  1. Forgiveness leads to tolerance
  2. Not expecting an outcome
    • Pardon vs. forgiveness
  3. Forgiveness leads to freedom, joy & love
    • Instant forgiveness
      1. Weather, people, self, strangers
    • Release our expectations
    • Forgiveness is directly correlated with Love
    • Career, work, relationships
    • Finding our own boundaries, self-love
  4. Every act of forgiveness contributes to our collective/global consciousness & healing!
    • Man-made vs. eternal forgiveness


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