The other day, while in Central Park, Krishan and I came across two musicians playing Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major”. Instead of being in a rush to get to our next place, we decided to stay and watch. I noticed my normal logical mind saying, “Let’s go!”. But a part of me wanted to simply surrender into the moment. I decided to let myself go, be held lovingly by Krishan, in his safe, masculine arms… and allow the grace of the music to penetrate my heart. I felt profound love in and all around me. Almost like a golden, warm glow.

Ecstatic Surrender.

A few moments later, a woman came up to us, and asked for my e-mail address. She said, “I saw you two standing there in such a blissful state, and I was so moved that I just HAD to take a picture!”

We were moved by her vulnerability and kindness.

I also learned the power, as a woman, of the state of Enchantment, and Ecstatic Surrender – and all that’s possible. Inspiration, magic, joy, beauty, serenity, love…

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