Tomorrow, in the exciting new Warrior Goddess Summit & Giveaway, I’m going to be sharing how I went from being dumped… to meeting my soulmate just 90 days later, along with how I’ve designed my life based on Self Love.

I’ve been listening to the interviews, and have been blown away by all the wisdom…
Real women talking about their deepest challenges and how they got to the other side. 
Issues such as racism, rape, unhealthy relationships, eating disorders, motherhood, divorce, addiction, family members with mental disorders, trauma, health crisis, and more.
It is so powerful to hear how the women in the interviews have used their life’s challenging circumstances as gifts for healing – and how they manifested even more love, purpose and fulfillment in their lives.
When you listen to the interviews, you will be blown away by how loving and powerful you will feel afterwards.
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