While I love coaching women on techniques in self-love, healing and cultivating deeply connected relationships, I never underestimate the power of the wisdom inside our body.

One of the techniques I use in my coaching is one that I learned from my psycho-spiritual therapy teacher, Dr. Andy Hahn. We drop into the body’s cells and sensations, and I speak with them in a hypnotic and meditative tone. I assume a highly empathetic role, mirroring the person, and attune my healing energies.

This past week, I’ve been having some very profound coaching experiences.

Remember your true inner power.

Last night, I found out that my client had made tremendous progress in her love life, from the first time we started working together, four months ago. We had tears in our eyes, remembering the suffering at the time, and, since then, how much she had grown and evolved in all aspects of her life!

But there was something that was bothering her, and causing anxiety yet again.

We dropped into her body, and magical and profound memories and teachings started emerging. We went back to a time when she almost drowned in the ocean – and she was calm. “Remember, when things are truly rough, you are calm. You are only fearful when it’s not merited”. Another scene had us communicating directly to the blood in her wrists, and her right kidney. The kidney was telling me that it felt appreciated, and told me “thank you for the healing”. It started jumping with joy to be acknowledged and appreciated! She was amazed by the ‘personality’ in her kidney! Then all her cells started chiming in. Another teaching had us explore the power, solidity of mountains – and her body told her – “both you and your partner must be strong and rooted like a mountain”.

You have an angel inside.

Another client told me about her immense back pain, especially since we started working on closing her ‘Ex Files’. As I began to speak to it, we learned that it was almost as an angel’s wings had been cut off. She saw an angel, that was always there, silently, and said “I am here to protect you, from you”. Then she discovered her ex standing still, and she was surprised to find that he has always been there. He told her that he wanted her to be free, and that he will always love her. Even though she resisted to let him go, she was willing to, and her back pain dissipated! There was a huge sigh of relief, and she knew what to do next.

Love both the good wolf and bad wolf.

I had a client come in, who was struggling with her mind and thoughts. We dropped into her body, and she started to learn that her body – her womb, gut, shoulders – all wanted attention from her. She started hugging and caressing herself, saying “I will love you always, I am here for you”. She also discovered her good wolf and bad wolf inside – and she learned how to love them both. She told me, “They are both worthy of appreciation and attention”. We talked about how to make each feel nurtured. Her suffering and anguish dissipated, and she felt lighter, and more free.

After these experiences, I feel like I learned so much about myself. To develop the maturity, and emotional capacity, to be there for another person, in such a deep and connected way, is very self-assuring. I know I have a ways to go, but at least, I know that it’s what I truly love to do – and I grow too! I always remind myself – my clients are my mirrors and teachers – and have shown me the path to achieving deeply connected love, despite how difficult it can be sometimes!

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