Do you wonder why you are the only one without an extraordinary love in your life? Does it sometimes feel like finding a mate is based on luck and timing? Are you stuck in the wounds of your past relationship and find it hard to date again? Are you sick of waiting for OkCupid to match you with your perfect mate?

Remove love from the luck category and take back control of manifesting the love you want in your life at this incredible workshop led by TAPIN Founder, Anne Koller and Relationship Coach, Sarika Jain where your heart’s desires become the foundation for creating the love you want. Through a healing visualization and a 3-step beloved manifestation process, this workshop marries heart to mind, harnessing both your natural abililty to plan and strategize and your divine feminine power to become magnetic to a beloved – a partnership that fulfills your deepest desires.


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  • Practice Self Love
  • Clear your spiritual blocks and increase your vibration & magnetism
  • Date and attract your soulmate in a healthy, joyful way

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